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Make entertaining easy with these five innovative drink-and-nibble combos.

Mango-Black Bean Salsa and Watermelon Salsa pair with Strawberry Fizzers.
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Melon and Veggie Salsas & Strawberry Fizzer

Using parsley—rather than the traditional cilantro—in the Mango-Black Bean Salsa lets the mango flavor stand out. This salsa serves up a healthy dose of fiber and protein with a dash of vitamin C-packed red sweet pepper. Watermelon isn’t what you expect in salsa, but here it is. Watermelon Salsa features kiwi, red onion and some jalapeño to add a little kick. For the Strawberry Fizzers, just blend together strawberries and lime soda.

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A versatile recipe, Biscuit Stacks can be served in savory and sweet ways; either is great accompanied by Peach Iced Tea.
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Biscuit Stacks & Peach Tea

One biscuit recipe becomes both appetizer and dessert in Biscuit Stacks. For the savory side, add slices of tender smoky ham and luscious Brie cheese, dressed up with a sprinkling of fresh herbs. For a sweet variation, spread biscuits with marmalade and add a dollop of whipped cream. The name Peach Iced Tea couldn't be more truthful. Here’s the recipe: Add chunks of fresh, ripe peaches to tea and let it steep in the fridge as the flowery fruit flavor fills the pitcher.

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Small Berry Tarts are served on a white platter alongside Lemony Cuke Zesters.
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Berry Tarts & Lemony Cuke Zesters

Just a curl or two of cucumber and a little lemon zest turns plain sparkling water into a refresher. For a companion, make miniature tarts filled with a mix of yogurt, whipped topping and heavy whipping cream. With prepared phyllo shells, there’s no baking.

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Fruity Whoopie Pies are served with Arctic Coffee.
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Fruity Whoopie Pies & Arctic Coffee

Whoopie Pies are an old New England favorite now enjoying a revival at bakeries all across the country. For this version, whipped topping flavored with lemon, lime and orange gelatin is sandwiched between home-baked, cake-soft cookies. Arctic Coffee is both a fun twist on the expected accompaniment and a sensible choice for entertaining. It tastes best when made the night before.

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Bowls of Smoky Snax are served with a pitcher of Mango-Orange Seltzer
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Smokey Snax & Mango-Orange Seltzer

It just doesn’t get crunchier than Smoky Snax. This crowd-pleaser includes pretzel sticks, cashews, peanuts, sunflower seeds and three kinds of crackers, all drizzled with popcorn oil seasoned with smoked paprika and cracked pepper. Bring a bowl out to the garden with a pitcher of thirst-quenching Mango-Orange Seltzer.

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