6 Spring Vegetable Recipes

Treat your body to a diet rich in vegetables, and you reap more than vibrant, beautiful food and delicious flavor. God's garden is the source for nutrition-packed veggies that are a key ingredient to good health. Beneficial plant nutrients from vegetables help fight or lower the risk of disease, including high blood pressure, eye and digestive problems, cancer, heart disease and stroke.

How to Count Macros

Not all calories are created equal. Pay attention to the nutrition behind them and you'll find it easier to manage your weight.

3 Tips to Get Moving

Physical exercise is the cornerstone of good and lasting health. Study after study has proven that healthy eating habits and regular exercise are the keys to living longer and with more vitality. They are the only true fountain of youth.

7 Healthy Cooking Oils

Heart-healthy oils made from plants are among the foods you may want to increase in your diet. Some are best for cooking and others for adding to salads or dips.

How to Eat Organic on a Budget

If you've been avoiding organic foods because you believe the prices are too high, here are strategies for smart organic shopping.

Make it a Habit

Many of you have unhealthy habits that you wish you could break, change or toss out the window. When you feel stressed, worn-down or worried, you often revert to a habit, whether it’s reaching for a candy bar or ignoring the Bible on the bookshelf. The truth is that changing a habit is difficult to do alone. Everyone needs help. As a believer, you have the Holy Spirit on your side, transforming you into the image of Christ (2 Corinthians 3:18). The Lord will help you make the choices that enable you to replace your old habits with new, healthy ones. Here are some good places to start.

Easy-Cook Grain Guide

From familiar nutty brown rice to less well-known, smoky-flavor freekeh, whole grains are simple to cook and high in nutritional value. Grains are the cornerstone to many delicious, healthful meals.

Body Boosters

Eating right isn’t only about looking healthy, it’s about getting nutrition to fuel your body and prevent disease.

Winter Break

When cabin fever hits, get out and experience the great outdoors.

How To Stay On Track

Corporate parties, family get-togethers and other holiday gatherings mean lots of festive food and cocktails that can put a damper on even the most-seasoned dieter’s efforts. By taking a different approach this season, you can enjoy your favorite foods.

50 Small Steps to Change

You don’t have to make a grand sweeping change to start impacting your life for the better. Focus on micro goals with clear and easy steps and let the results snowball. As you strive for progress rather than perfection, ask God for wisdom and guidance.

3 Simple Steps to Eating Better

Good health starts by fueling your body with fresh, nutritious foods. with a few small steps now, you can start making healthy changes that will last a lifetime.

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