Afternoon Tea

Hosting an afternoon tea party can be a wonderful way to reflect God’s love through the gift of hospitality. We open our homes to others with a servant’s heart, ministering to them and providing fellowship. Creating a beautiful setting and providing yummy treats need not be too labor-intensive. After all, the focus is on the people. This party is both gracious and easy.


Bless the babies, brides and birthdays in your life by hosting celebrations that first and foremost honor the Lord. We've pulled together three stylish events to inspire special days and include ways to put God at the center—from planning to party activities. There's food, décor and even customizable keepsake booklets with relevant and engaging Bible lessons and games.

Bite Size

At your next party, include an array of little tastes that offer new and intriguing flavors.

Easy Cakes

Use Our easy cake recipes and decorating tips and you will be a star baker in no time!

Family Reunion

Summer days are fleeting and precious. How we revel in time to dip our feet in cool waters, inhale the matchless smell of freshly cut grass, watch and marvel at the power of an afternoon thunderstorm. Yet these lazy days so quickly fill with the busy schedules of the season. We chase baseball tournaments, family vacations, camps, church activities. All are worthy pursuits but borrowers, too, from the limited moments available between the first sunrises of June and the lingering sunsets of August. This summer we would do well to listen to the admonition of Scripture. The writer of Hebrews tells us not to give up the habit of meeting together, that there are joys in fellowship that cannot be found anywhere else. The families on the following pages have committed to meet together each summer. They share food, friendship, games and stories. They meet at homes, on family farms, around tables and campfires, all with the aim of knowing each other well and building memories that outlast their time together. Summer days are fleeting and precious. But when we savor them with family, for years afterward the sweetness remains.

Fall Bounty

On crisp autumn days, God’s glorious bounty overflows in our markets. Rich and robust, there’s no doubt that farm-fresh produce was created so we can enjoy luscious meals. Fill your holidays with the enticing aromas of fall spices, roast pork and baked desserts, and thank the Lord for family and fine food. Here’s inspiration for fall cooking—eight exceptional recipes that make the most of nature’s harvest.

Celebrate Love

Host a dinner and share the love of God with a few special people—a sweetheart, friends, family or a lonely neighbor who needs a hug.

Winter Greens

Some evergreens are stately with slender needles gracefully sweeping down lengthy branches, while others are squatty and unruly with bushy gnarls studded with berries. Their presence on a snowy landscape is like a glorious chorus of color. Conifers remind us of our Creator, the Lord God Almighty, who like them is always vibrant and alive. Hosea 14:8 likens our Lord God to an evergreen. This Christmas, deck your house with His glorious creations.

Perfect Pairings

The next time you cozy up for a fireside chat, match an aromatic cup of hot coffee, chocolate or tea and a sweetly delicious treat. The complementary flavors in these recipe pairings are perfect companions for conversation.

How Sweet It Is

Good things come in small packages—especially if the gifts inside are creamy chocolate truffles, chewy salted caramels and other delicious homemade treats. Make several batches, then wrap them in pretty packaging like ours.

Dinner for God

Invite God to your table this Thanksgiving. Let Him know you are thankful.

Harvest Glory

Among the rolling hills of Madison County sits a tiny cabin, lovingly handcrafted by a meticulous woodworker. Each year the cabin comes alive when he and his wife host a harvest party—a gathering of family, friends and coworkers—to give praise and thanksgiving to the Lord.

Sunday Picnic!

When the sun shines bright in the summer sky and the earth is bursting with life, it's a wonderful time for a Sunday picnic.

Jesus Is Coming: Prepare the Table

To feed someone is to love them. This is true on the mission field or at home. Use your gift of hospitality at Easter or at anytime. Invite friends, neighbors and coworkers— the lonely, lost, rich and poor—to share your table, fellowship and God’s love.

Christmas Eve Soup Supper

The night before Christmas brings a flurry of activity with candlelight services, caroling and trimming the tree. It’s a good night to host a soup supper. A selection of toasty-hot soups, crudités, cookies and cocoa offered buffet-style let hosts and guests have time for fellowship.

Christmas Dinner

Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ with a traditional inner is an annual highlight for many Christian families. This is a time to cherish your heritage and the Lord. Set out your best: Grandma’s dishes, a favorite family recipe and an elegant lace tablecloth.

Cheers to a New Year

Gather together to mark New Year’s Eve by celebrating the Lord and all He has done over the past year. Celebrate Him and pray blessings over the things He will call you to do in the coming year. Together, give Him thanks for everything in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Birthday Brunch

Welcome Christmas Day with a joyful brunch that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Dress the table in colorful flowers and linens. Serve an enticing fare of multigrain pancakes with maple cream cheese filling and an array of other special-event foods.

Breath of Life

Every new baby brings joy and happiness into the world. Friends, family and sometimes the staff of L:B magazine gather to celebrate the birth and offer gifts and love to new mothers and fathers.

Dinner With Friends

Jesus tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves. One way of offering our love is to share conversation over a relaxed meal.

Celebrate the Lord

There are moments when God is so loving and draws so near that an outpouring of joyful praise is the only possible response. You bask in, revel in, rejoice in the magnificence of the Lord. The Spirit is lifted and genuine happiness spills over.

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