Pops of Color

Flowers are a Glory to behold. Which is the most beautiful? Peonies with their glorious watercolor petals? Ranunculus blooms with their vibrant, tightly layered designs? Or even intricate protea—otherworldly assemblages of tiny florets? Each is unique and treasured by the Designer, their details a symbol of His artistry and love. Yet these are only flowers. How much more artistry do you think God has bestowed upon you, sculpted in the beauty of His image?

Celebrate Love

Host a dinner and share the love of God with a few special people—a sweetheart, friends, family or a lonely neighbor who needs a hug.

Winter Greens

Some evergreens are stately with slender needles gracefully sweeping down lengthy branches, while others are squatty and unruly with bushy gnarls studded with berries. Their presence on a snowy landscape is like a glorious chorus of color. Conifers remind us of our Creator, the Lord God Almighty, who like them is always vibrant and alive. Hosea 14:8 likens our Lord God to an evergreen. This Christmas, deck your house with His glorious creations.

Blooms of Beauty

Flowers are a glory to behold. But which is the most beautiful?

Dinner for God

Invite God to your table this Thanksgiving. Let Him know you are thankful.

Harvest Glory

Among the rolling hills of Madison County sits a tiny cabin, lovingly handcrafted by a meticulous woodworker. Each year the cabin comes alive when he and his wife host a harvest party—a gathering of family, friends and coworkers—to give praise and thanksgiving to the Lord.

Jesus Is Coming: Prepare the Table

To feed someone is to love them. This is true on the mission field or at home. Use your gift of hospitality at Easter or at anytime. Invite friends, neighbors and coworkers— the lonely, lost, rich and poor—to share your table, fellowship and God’s love.

Christmas Dinner

Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ with a traditional inner is an annual highlight for many Christian families. This is a time to cherish your heritage and the Lord. Set out your best: Grandma’s dishes, a favorite family recipe and an elegant lace tablecloth.

Cheers to a New Year

Gather together to mark New Year’s Eve by celebrating the Lord and all He has done over the past year. Celebrate Him and pray blessings over the things He will call you to do in the coming year. Together, give Him thanks for everything in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Breath of Life

Every new baby brings joy and happiness into the world. Friends, family and sometimes the staff of L:B magazine gather to celebrate the birth and offer gifts and love to new mothers and fathers.

From Garden to Table

The hand of God is seen in the beauty and diversity of the flower bed. Plant a selection of old favorites–tulips, roses, peonies, snapdragons, stock and sweet peas–and harvest an abundance of blooms for your home.

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