Blooms of Beauty

Flowers are a glory to behold. But which is the most beautiful?

Dahlias with their spectrum of colors and seemingly endless petals? Ranunculus flowers with their vibrant, tightly layered designs? Or even intricate paper moon scabiosa pods—otherworldly assemblages of tiny florets? Each is unique and treasured by the Designer—their intricate details a symbol of His artistry and love. Yet these are only flowers. How much more care do you think God has bestowed upon you, sculpted in the beauty of His image?

A bouquet of dahlias, ranunculus, and a poppy in a small gold vase with the Bible verse Luke 12:27
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Closeup of a magenta poppy
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How lovely it is when an anemone unfurls, revealing its colors and releasing its aromatic perfume. Like everything God has His hand upon, there is purpose here. When a developing flower bud is closed, it is enveloped in a calyx, a collection of leaflike enclosures designed to protect its delicate inner parts. As the perfect conditions arrive, a vibrant blossom of breathtaking color emerges. Like a flower, you have a protective covering around your heart—the Holy Spirit shielding you and healing you from injury. Turn to Jesus and the Holy Spirit to help you bloom so others see the beauty within you that God has always seen.

Closeup of a yellow parrot tulip
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The grace and elegance of this parrot tulip draws you to dwell on the Creator of all things—to appreciate what a loving a caring God you serve. He designed you and values you. He lovingly formed you with a unique blueprint, which denotes your smile, your personality, your laugh, even the trials that have made you who you are today. Your attributes were perfectly blended to host His specific purpose and plan for you. With each stroke of God's brush, His loving and personal touch has left an indelible mark. Oh, to fully embrace the love of the Father and to see your beauty as God sees you. Chosen. Irreplaceable. Beautiful.

A bouquet of yellow and orange flowers in a black vase
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Three small bouquets of flowers in yellow, orange, pink and red rest on a mirrored tray.
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A closeup of an orange-red flower with the Bible verse 1 Peter 1:24-25
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Written by Grace Houle | Photographed by Tobin Bennett
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