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Flowers are a Glory to behold. Which is the most beautiful? Peonies with their glorious watercolor petals? Ranunculus blooms with their vibrant, tightly layered designs? Or even intricate protea—otherworldly assemblages of tiny florets? Each is unique and treasured by the Designer, their details a symbol of His artistry and love. Yet these are only flowers. How much more artistry do you think God has bestowed upon you, sculpted in the beauty of His image?

How lovely it is when a peony unfurls, a dahlia bursts forth or a ranunculus opens revealing its colors and releasing its aromatic perfume. Like everything God has His hand upon, there is purpose here. When a developing flower bud is closed, it is enveloped in a calyx, a collection of leaflike enclosures designed to protect its delicate inner parts. As the perfect conditions arrive, a vibrant blossom of breathtaking color emerges. Like a flower, you have a protective covering around your heart—the Holy Spirit shielding you and healing you from injury. Turn to Jesus and the Holy Spirit to help you bloom so others see the beauty within you that God has always seen.

Peonies, Ranunculus, Ivy & Snow Gum Eucalyptus in a footed glass vase
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Peonies, Ranunculus, Ivy & Snow Gum Eucalyptus in a footed glass vase

Large ruffly Peonies in luscious snow white, pale pink and bright fuchsia are the stars of this joyful bouquet. Delicate Ranunculus in shades of salmon and pink break up the cloud-like mass of peonies and add new texture with their delicately spiraling petals. Green Ivy and Eucalyptus, a bit wild and unruly, contrast beautifully with formality of the arrangement.

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Ranunculus, Peonies, Pincushion Protea & Disbud Mum in vintage pyrex bowl

Pastel Ranunculus flower heads with delicate, tissue-paper-thin layers make this prolific bloomer a cutting-garden favorite. Contrast their and the Peonies’ sweet femininity with bolder flowers such as orange Pincushion Protea and spiky Disbud Chrysanthemums.

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"The grass withers, the flower fades,but the word of our God will stand forever."

–Isaiah 40:8 ESV

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“…Return to the Lord your God,for he is gracious and merciful…"

–Joel 2:13 ESV

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Dahlias, Queen Anne's lace, Garden rose, ranunculus & willow Eucalyptus in gold cube

Dahlias dance among garden roses, ranunculus and Queen Anne’s Lace in this happy bouquet. Dahlias, once grown as a food crop by the Aztecs are a perennial plant native to Mexico where it's the national flower. Dahlias have an interesting composite design—the flower has a central disc with florets (often incorrectly called petals) which is surrounded by more florets. Each floret is actually a little flower. Dahlias come in many designs and are related to the sunflower, daisy, chrysanthemum and zinnia.

Photographed by Greg Scheidemann
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