12 Best Herbs for Indoor Gardens

God's perfect design is reflected in all living things, even herbs. They are delicate yet intricate creations, pleasing to the palate and easy on the eyes. Bring God's fragrant greenery indoors so you can benefit from the flavors, aromas and distinct beauty.

Tips to Keep Your White Clothes Bright White

White clothing is fresh-looking and classic but can turn dingy or yellow without proper stain removal, washing, drying and storage. Even hanging clean in the closet, white clothes can discolor. Keep white laundry bright and long-lasting with these tips.

How to Pick the Right Garden Spot

Whether your yard is large or small, sunny or slightly shady, or even if you have no yard at all, you can carve out a garden spot.

Tips for an Organized Baking Center

An organized baking center—with essentials close at hand—makes holiday baking a piece of cake! Locate a hub for your mixer, bakeware, shelf-stable ingredients and other items close to where you prep. Even small kitchens become orderly when you cluster baking essentials together in a cupboard, drawers, pantry or movable cart.

Create Systems in a Playroom

Toys can throw an orderly room into disarray in minutes. Set kids up for success by implementing a few rules:

3 Steps to Master Your Income

Do you ever get so excited about payday that a few days later you find yourself wondering: Wait, didn’t I just get paid? Where did my entire paycheck go? If so, you’re not alone. But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can master your income. And it’s a lot simpler than you might think.

Nice & Neat

Behind the scenes of every well-organized home are hardworking spaces with a place for everything. Unfortunately, the spot where coats and shoes are stored tends to look like a mess, whether it's a coat closet, mudroom or hallway with a bench and a few hooks. Learn how one of our staff, Alison, solves her family's mudroom dilemma.

Summer Swimwear (That Won't Bare It All)

With summer temperatures rising, you have a choice: How will you dress? The impact of your decision escalates around swimming pools and at the beach, where skin is in. Our culture is telling you to bare it all. It hangs a bad reputation on modesty, associating it with frumpy clothes and dated styles. But there’s a different way of understanding modesty and engaging with it in a biblical manner. Beauty is better than a spectacle. There is freedom in restraint. In fact, true modesty is stylish and classy—not to mention God honoring.

Live with What You Love

It should be no surprise to us that a home overrun by clutter and disorder is unsettling. There is an intrinsic connection between what we see around us in our home and how we feel to be in that space. Melissa Michaels, author of Make Room for What You Love, gives us her best tips on how to love your space.

Household Docs

Don't search for hours when you need your car insurance policy, papers related to taxes or other documents. Put some calm in your life by organizing important information in one household document binder. It will make your life easier and bring frenzied hunts to an end. While putting it together, also create a family emergency escape plan to follow if a disaster strikes.

Power Wash

Presoak to press, doing laundry is hard work. Clean up this dirty job with a pretty, well-organized space that puts everything you need right where you need it—at your fingertips.

La La Lovely

Excerpt from La La Lovely: The Art of Finding Beauty in the Everyday by Trina McNeilly

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