Summer Swimwear (That Won't Bare It All)

With summer temperatures rising, you have a choice: How will you dress? The impact of your decision escalates around swimming pools and at the beach, where skin is in. Our culture is telling you to bare it all. It hangs a bad reputation on modesty, associating it with frumpy clothes and dated styles. But there’s a different way of understanding modesty and engaging with it in a biblical manner. Beauty is better than a spectacle. There is freedom in restraint. In fact, true modesty is stylish and classy—not to mention God honoring.

Ultimately modesty isn’t about what you wear—although what you wear is important. Instead, it stems from the attitude of your heart. Who are you trying to please? What kind of attention are you trying to attract? Our culture shows enough images of bodies to make you believe they exist simply to attract others. Yet the truth of Scripture declares that the main purpose of your body is to worship the God who created you: “I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship” Romans 12:1 ESV.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to dress beautifully and have a sense of style—even in your swimwear! You simply have to think creatively and with modesty in mind when it comes your clothes, especially swimsuits.

More designers are creating fashionable and modest swimsuits for women of many shapes and sizes. Their creativity has helped thousands of women experience freedom and comfort in their own bodies at the beach and by the pool. When you know that what you are wearing honors Christ, shows respect for your own body and helps others live in purity, you can have as much fun as you want choosing chic, elegant and tasteful clothes that reflect your personality.

You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God.
1 Peter 3:4 NLT

Get the Look

Dive into the fun. Finally, there is stylish yet modest swimwear that will let you remain comfortable at the pool or shore. New designer trends promote tasteful beach attire. Prints, embellishments, colors and textures add personality. We cover the essentials of resort wear and show you a selection of everyday pieces that keep you covered, right.

  1. HATS. There’s something about a hat that adds a touch class and personal privacy to any outfit. Big or small, it tops off your look and offers protection for your scalp.
  2. SPARKLES. Who ever said modesty had to be dull? An asymmetrical rhinestone strap can cover cleavage and gem-covered sandals dress up any outfit so you’re resort ready.
  3. PATTERNS. A great way to show off your personality and sense of style is through a fun pattern or print. Large busy patterns tend to be unflattering so try a simple or floral or a mini polka dot.
  4. BAGS. A fashionable beach bag can carry extra cover ups, towels and books – it can also draw attention to your great style. Make sure to pack sunscreen!
  5. SWIMWEAR. What fun would the beach be if you couldn’t enjoy the water? Modest swimsuit lines like Rey Swimwear let you pick out a conservative yet stylish suit.
  6. COLORS. Dark swimwear can be flattering but will also attract the extra heat from the sun. Add some interest into your look by wearing neutrals and accessorizing with bright colors. 
  7. MATERIALS. Natural fiber beachwear allows air to flow and keep you cool. Luxe swimsuit fabrics are designed to preform well in water. The right materials will make a hot day more bearable.
  8. COVERS. A delicate caftan or cover-up is a show stopper on any beach. The swimsuit won’t be the main attraction when you have something this beautiful draped over you.


A patterned swimsuit shows off its playful personality in a modest way under a lightweight cover-up. Wear one as you walk to the beach or while you’re sitting on the shore.

Rash Guards

A sporty one-piece with full-length sleeves lets you enjoy the water without worrying if your top is staying put. In the water, a rash guard protects from abrasion from waves. On the beach your shoulders and arms will stay protected from the sun.


Light linen pants are a stylish and sophisticated way to cover up when you’re out of the water. While pants aren't normally a warm weather option, a light natural material will keep you cool and covered.

Two Pieces

Swimwear comes in all shapes now. A fun two-piece with high-rise bottoms and a dressy top lets you swim without being over-exposed. Skirts made from swim material can also be added over one-piece suits for added femininity.

Swim Dresses 

Get extra coverage with all the practicality of a standard swimsuit. With a bathing suit underneath a swim dress, you can go from sand volleyball to surfing to swimming without ever having to change.

Written by Ann Swindell | Photographed by Tobin Bennett
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