Lace Impressions

We love the idea of handmade gifts for friends and family. Inspired by this season's lacy fashions, we pressed the delicate fabric into soft clay to produce graceful designs. These simple DIY projects let you create custom keepsakes and joyous gifts that will be used for years to come.

Summer Bible Club

Long summer afternoons offer time to work on crafts, talk over Bible stories and memorize Scripture.

Wash-and-Dry Paper

Washable paper is a beautiful, versatile, sewable substitute for fabric or leather. Durable and strong, it can hold fresh blooms or veggies or a plethora of household items. And because it’s made from sustainably grown trees, it’s eco-friendly.

DIY Jewelry

Stunning stones, shells and beads are strung together with ribbon, string and golden chains to create one-of-a-kind pieces. These ready-to-wear accessories look as though they were crafted for a beautiful boutique.

Embroidery Stitching Guide

These stitching how-to’s will help you create the t-shirt and onesie designs seen in Life:Beautiful magazine.

Crowning Accents

Reclaim intricate moldings salvaged from old homes and buildings to create a textural mirror or art frame.

Hued Blues

There's something magical about the process of dyeing textiles: Place white fabric into a bath of pigment, and it emerges a different color.

The Genius of Gingham

White cotton crossed with colorful thread creates one of the most endearing fabrics of all time: gingham.

In Full Bloom

Tissue paper, a pair of scissors and a few simple folds create these delicate florals. Invite springtime into your home with one of the crafts ahead. After all, paper flowers are always in season.

Lightin' Up

Here’s a lustrous light for your kitchen that you can make from a metal mixing bowl.

Design by the Book

By bringing tangible evidence of faith into the design of our homes, personal priorities stay in focus and opportunities open for sharing our hope. Let the Source of all great design inspire you with themes of the Holy Land, nature, and truth.

Made with Love

Let these projects inspire you to craft a collection of personal, handmade stationery.

Accent on Modern

Tone-on-tone and a bit of sheen yield a subdued and sophisticated modern paint design.

Ten Quick Gift Projects

Give gifts that surpass what the mall and web offer. In a few hours you can craft personal, stylish presents and save money at the same time.

Under Wraps

Scarves and shawls are must-have accessories for fall and winter. Choose from the design options shown here for your own wardrobe of fashion-forward accents. We tell you how.

Striped for the Occasion

Spotting a designer table with vintage French fabric for a cool $4,800, we were inspired to build our own trend-setting dining table. After gathering supplies, we completed the custom table in an afternoon, including painting stripes on natural canvas. We saved and you can too.

Cozy Candles

Handmade candles with golden accents add warmth and sparkle to your home.

The Art of Faith

The living Word speaks life into these faith-encouraging craft projects. Use them to help bring Scripture into your work and home spaces.

Roll With It

Old glass shelves get a practical and playful makeover.

Boxes From the Sea

You can almost hear ocean waves gently washing onto a beach when you hold one of these beautiful boxes. Embellished with shells or pearls, each can hold vacation photos, a collection of keepsakes, jewelry or notes of thanksgiving to the Lord. They make an especially thoughtful gift when filled with Bible-verse memory cards lettered by hand.

Creature Comforts

No dog should settle for an ordinary bowl and bed when she can have such fine furnishings as these. Très chic, mon chien!

Sweet Notes

Greeting cards are welcome arrivals in mailboxes. Learn how to make your own cards and store them in a handy organizer.

Repurposed Style

Old things become new when recycled with a fresh dose of imagination and a splash or more of paint, waking up an outdoor space with a bright contemporary look.

Bible Games

Summer is backyard time— running, jumping, laughing time. The children in your life will play and learn joyfully with these Bible-based games.

Tidy Up

Keep essentials in reach with a functional open shelf. Your daily-use items have never looked so good or been so convenient.

Modern Case

These easy-to-make tech cases fold up to create a sophisticated place to store your favorite tablet.

On Display

This DIY cabinet sets the stage for the pretty things in your home.

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