Pin It!

In an office space or for a spot to gather favorite quotes, pinup boards are a fun way to organize.

Dresser Redress

Try a simple furniture hack and give a three-drawer chest color and pattern.

Take a Seat

Give thrifty finds a trendy paint job and playful new coverings you create. Your outdoor furniture will be as bright as the weather.

Savvy Stripes

Thick or thin, cabana or pin, stripes are a hot trend for everything around the house. Freshen your home decor with stripe projects and accessories. We show you how.

Living Color

Container gardens dazzle with color and life, transforming any space into an echo of Eden.

Map It!

This summer, use maps to personalize a few everyday objects. It’s not just a box or a tray—it’s a custom keepsake brimming with special memories. We created three projects to showcase how maps can be used to embellish plain containers, making the holder—as well as what you store inside—memorable.

Artfully Aflutter

Metamorphosis isn’t just for caterpillars—it also happens when you transform a space with one of these elegant butterfly-inspired crafts.

Cozy Knits

Snuggle up this seasons with cold weather clothing, inviting home goods and do-it-yourself kits to knit your own.

Frame by Frame

Plywood, paint and trim are all that are needed to make a big-statement chalkboard.

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