31 Fresh Ideas for a Happier Spring

Here are a few suggestions for breathing spring into your everyday life.

Spring is the most promising time of year. It seems new life is everywhere—buds on trees crack open with abandon, baby birds peck free from their shells, stretch their beaks and chirp fervently, and brilliant color bursts forth like fireworks in gardens large and small. In short, the world blooms.

Creation sings an exuberant song of renewal and rebirth. Amid the joyful riot of newborn baby animals’ cries, the gurgling of freshly thawed streams and the misty melodies of April rains sprout glorious plants of every imaginable hue—Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus” made manifest. Perhaps more so than any other season, spring serves as a physical reminder of the truth and promise of Christ’s resurrection and God’s power to breathe new life into our very souls.

Spring is a time to throw off our overcoats and explore life. To seek fresh air, both figuratively and literally. It is the time of year when I yearn to stretch myself, to lighten my material load and to celebrate in quiet ways the glory of God.

  1. Create spring baskets for friends, coworkers and family and leave them at their doors, desks or hung on the backs of their chairs at breakfast. The baskets can be used to celebrate any day in spring, including the obvious holidays such as May Day and Mother’s Day.
  2. Plan an outdoor sunrise breakfast and Bible reading for yourself and one or two others. Pack a wicker basket with fresh fruit and cheese, a thermos of tea or coffee, bottles of juice and water, a few croissants and a blanket or two, and then head to a beautiful park or beach.
  3. Go for a leisurely bike ride on a path lined with blooming trees, flowers or the water.
  4. Fly a kite with your kids and don’t worry about what time it is.
  5. Use a guide and binoculars to identify the birds in your neighborhood. Watch for warm weather species migrating back to your area.
  6. Sort through your closet and sell, donate or discard what you don’t use or need. Then organize the rest by color, style, use, etc. 
  7. Have a garage sale to reduce excess material possessions and use the extra cash for a relaxing spring vacation.
  8. Hold a last-minute neighborhood bonfire—use a grill or fire pit for urban settings. Set out extra chairs and have the kids knock on doors for a casual, stress-free invite. 
  9. Plant a garden. If you don’t have space, plant a window box or patio or deck planters.
  10. Visit farmers’ markets for locally grown produce. Pick out a bouquet of fresh flowers while you’re there.
  11. Stroll through a public garden to savor the variety of blooming plants. 
  12. Take a trip to a local nursing home and visit with residents. Bring your kids or pets if well-behaved (check with the home first to make sure it is okay to bring pets, and also ask about the best time to visit).
  13. Identify bugs in your yard with neighborhood children. Carry a pocket identifier or snap a picture of the bug using your camera phone and look up each creature on the Internet when you return inside. Consider the intricate design details of each bug, a testament to God’s creative genius.
  14. Find out where your trash goes: some refuse is recycled, but not all. Is it dumped at sea, buried in a field, burned in an incinerator? Incorporate recycling strategies to reduce the amount of trash your household generates, and seek out people in need who can benefit from your seldom-used items.
  15. Repair cracks, leaks or breaks around the house following winter’s wrath. Pot some plants, tend flower beds and trim tree limbs. Just for fun, consider painting your front door a wild and funky color you love. It will brighten each day.
  16. Learn about different butterflies native to your area and try to find them in parks and forests.
  17. Sample new vegetables. Check farmers’ markets for foods you have yet to try and ask the seller for preparation ideas. Jicama, artichokes, various peppers and a host of heirloom tomatoes may be a few taste pleasers you have yet to enjoy.
  18. Sign up for a local parks and recreation program to learn about native trees. Then choose and plant a tree.
  19. Learn a new sport or craft.
  20. Take a cooking class at a restaurant or a community college.
  21. Complete a project you haven’t finished yet. Set time aside to accomplish this goal.
  22. Rearrange your furniture for a fresh new look on a limited budget. Switch furnishings from different rooms for a more dramatic effect.
  23. Carefully wash and wax your car, then scrub and vacuum the interior to make it sparkle inside and out.
  24. Host a spring bake exchange. If there are avid gardeners in your neighborhood, make it a seed exchange.
  25. Send an e-mail or a note to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while to let them know you’re thinking of them.
  26. Lie on the grass and watch the clouds take shape. Smell the grass and flowers in the air.
  27. Go for a walk to clear your mind and enjoy the moment. Make this a daily habit.
  28. Go to a local park and play a pick-up game of basketball or H-O-R-S-E.
  29. Dig out your roller blades or skates and go skating on a nearby trail.
  30. Start a daily journal.
  31. Wash your windows to wake up to a clean view of the world each morning.
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