5 Ways the Cross Delivers

Examining the essentials of the Resurrection reveals its tremendous impact. We can see five broad ways the truth of the Resurrection affects us.

Who is God?

When we seek to understand who God is, we are confined by our own understanding. We create “God” according to our image of Him—size, looks, behaviors, reasoning and personality. We draw upon the concepts of good and “God” from those that influence us like friends, family, movies, television, social media and education. This is why idols often take familiar shapes. And we use our feelings and personal sense of right and wrong to critique God’s actions, purpose and right to rule.

Restful Travel

Use your next vacation as an excuse to relax and unwind. Put down your schedule, unplug your devices and immerse yourself in all the peace and beauty God’s creation offers.

After God's Heart

David is known for greatness—as a runt shepherd boy he used a slingshot to kill the giant Goliath. Later he was crowned king, serving his people as both leader and warrior. He is recognized as having a bold love for God—he leapt and danced with joy before the presence of God as the Ark of the Covenant moved through public streets while Saul’s daughter watched with hatred and mocked him. Possibly most surprising is that David is remembered for his despicable sins, confirming that, with repentance, God does forgive.

Sip Your Savings

Convenience and cravings come at a price whenever you order a quick coffee, soda or specialty drink. Pocket significant savings with beverages from home.

Dave Ramsey

Fixing a cash flow bind, making financial decisions as a couple and borrowing for a honeymoon.

Wheeling and Dealing

Purchasing a car doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking experience. Become an informed buyer, then you can step into an auto dealership with confidence.

Bulk Buys

Few investments provide the guaranteed returns you’ll get from filling your pantry and freezer with foods bought in bulk at lower-than-retail prices.

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