How to Brew Tea

Hosting an afternoon tea party can be a wonderful way to reflect God’s love through the gift of hospitality. We open our homes to others with a servant’s heart, ministering to them and providing fellowship. Creating a beautiful setting and providing yummy treats need not be too labor-intensive. After all, the focus is on the people. This party is both gracious and easy.

6 Spring Vegetable Recipes

Treat your body to a diet rich in vegetables, and you reap more than vibrant, beautiful food and delicious flavor. God's garden is the source for nutrition-packed veggies that are a key ingredient to good health. Beneficial plant nutrients from vegetables help fight or lower the risk of disease, including high blood pressure, eye and digestive problems, cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Sunday Supper Recipe Ideas

Sunday is for rest and gathering with family and friends. Whether you congregate to carry out traditions or to pass down family recipes, coming together over a hot sunday meal does the soul good.

Christmas Brunch Menu

Wrappings and ribbons are scattered on the floor, presents have been passed around and all the excitement has ramped up appetites. Extend the celebration of Jesus’ birth with a delicious brunch no one will forget.

9 Bible Verses to Inspire Gratitude

Thanksgiving is a time to humble ourselves as loving servants of a living God and celebrate our good and faithful Lord. Save this post and focus on the true meaning of giving thanks this holiday season.

4 Classic Meatball Recipes

While they may be the perfect complement to spaghetti, meatballs are more than capable of taking center stage at the dinner table. These flatbread-, Hawaiian- and barbecue-theme recipes show just how meatballs make a meal memorable. Make several batches of Classic Meatballs and freeze them for quick and easy meals .

Roasting Turkey Made Easy & Leftover Ideas

Impress your family and friends with a beautiful chestnut-golden turkey this holiday season. Roasting a whole turkey is incredibly simple and offers a truly a wonderful dinner along with plenty of delicious leftovers to enjoy afterward. Savor your holiday turkey the second time around with these easy-to-make dishes.

Wise Counsel for the Holidays

Holiday festivities often revolve around food, but the critical reason we gather every December involves no culinary expertise. Whether or not all of your dishes come out perfectly and on time, God is thankful His children gather together for a birthday feast in His Son’s honor.

Not-So Humble Holiday Pies

Amaze guests with one of these scrumptious, showy pies. They may look over the top, but they’re easy to make when following our instructions and smart tips.

Perfect Muffins

Muffins use a basic mixing method—appropriately named the muffin method—where dry ingredients combine in one bowl, wet ingredients combine in a separate bowl and then the two mixtures get stirred together. Marvel at the sweet and savory flavors of these inspired takes on the basic muffin recipe.

Easy Fall Bakes

These easy and delicious coffee and Bundt cakes, quick breads and scones can be whipped up in a few minutes, and the results last for days or weeks in the freezer. The flavorful slices of crunchy-topped cinnamon coffee cake, rich chocolaty banana bread and tender orange-cranberry cake with citrus-infused frosting will convince you that making treats at home surpasses coffee shop menu items. Plus, the aroma from the oven will fill your home with love.

Beautiful Fall Bakes

Turn on the oven and celebrate fall with cakes, bread and pies featuring the season’s finest flavors. new takes on familiar spices and autumn produce are sure to delight your family and friends.

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