Allow your home to be the restorative peaceful space God intended. Clear out all the virtual, physical and mental clutter and replace it with intentional messaging that draws you closer to him. Your house will best serve your family by being a protective, spiritual haven.

Real Retreat

A calm place where you can escape the troubles of the world and regroup is one of the most restorative rooms in the house.

Child's Play

With kids spending more playtime indoors during fall and winter, create a dedicated play area in a room or portion of a room.


Capture the refreshing look of seaside homes while investing more creativity than cash.

Clean Slate

Put more spring in your step with these innovative cleaning tools.

Lightin' Up

Here’s a lustrous light for your kitchen that you can make from a metal mixing bowl.

Design by the Book

By bringing tangible evidence of faith into the design of our homes, personal priorities stay in focus and opportunities open for sharing our hope. Let the Source of all great design inspire you with themes of the Holy Land, nature, and truth.

Accent on Modern

Tone-on-tone and a bit of sheen yield a subdued and sophisticated modern paint design.

It's in the Bag

Kids often get bored in restaurants, on road trips and at family events. Give them something to do by packing a pouch of entertaining goodies.

Ready to Wrap

Birthdays, holidays, aniversaries, showers and special events call for packages with pizzazz. Be ready to wrap year-round by keeping supplies on hand and organized in your office, closet or other spot.

Guest of Honor

Welcome people into your home with open arms. Create an inviting room full of personal touches to make their stay special.

Striped for the Occasion

Spotting a designer table with vintage French fabric for a cool $4,800, we were inspired to build our own trend-setting dining table. After gathering supplies, we completed the custom table in an afternoon, including painting stripes on natural canvas. We saved and you can too.

Reclaimed Charm

Deep in the heart of Texas, Chip and Joanna Gaines transform ugly houses into welcoming family homes. Now, in the second season of their HGTV makeover show, Fixer Upper, they tell Life:Beautiful readers the secrets to a truly beautiful home.

Cozy Candles

Handmade candles with golden accents add warmth and sparkle to your home.

Finding Bliss

Sweet dreams are made of these: a bedroom and bed designed for quality sleeping, healthy habits that encourage rest and putting your trust in the Lord.

Roll With It

Old glass shelves get a practical and playful makeover.

Closet Redux

Organize your clothing and accessories with these smart storage solutions for an orderly and beautiful closet space.

Bringing Home Baby

Oh baby! How we long to see that sweet face! Nine months pass, sometimes in a blur and other times with agonizing slowness. We wait, we dream, we pray, head shaking and mind spinning at both the profound blessing and the great unknown. We try to anticipate what it will be like to hold that precious little one in our arms, feel that breath on our cheek. The good news is that even when sleep is elusive or all parenting questions have to wait for good answers, your baby can rest, play and dream well in a nursery created just for him or her. With smart choices, you can create a cozy space that will transition through the years, taking your babe from infancy to childhood.

Repurposed Style

Old things become new when recycled with a fresh dose of imagination and a splash or more of paint, waking up an outdoor space with a bright contemporary look.

House of Love

Personalize your home with pleasingly clutter-free photo arrangements showcasing the people you adore.

Picnic Pop

Put away the plaid and pull out the brights. Sunny day picnics are livelier with boldly colored accessories in kid-loving yellow, green, orange and blue.

Family Memories

Store your photos like a pro. There are several ways to do this, but our favorite way keeps it simple.

Get Cozy

Throws are for cuddling. Toss one onto a love seat and it lands just so, an open invitation to relax.

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