Weeknight Feast

Let autumn’s beauty inspire your gift of hospitality. Gather family and friends for a luxurious seasonal feast with exceptional flavors and noteworthy ingredients. Offer God your appreciation for His abundant gifts and for those gathered around the table.

Celebrate Together

Make the most of the season's freedoms by hosting a fresh-air meal for family and friends. While enjoying a warm evening together, share about the goodness of the Lord.

Fresh Gatherings

Gather your family around the dinner table for a meal during this season of renewal to share food and conversation. Together you’ll strengthen and deepen your family relationships.

Soup Supper

Want to grow closer as a family this year? Commit to dining together regularly. We’ve given you a menu to get you started. Give thanks to God as you enjoy the meal, and seek His blessing for your household.

Pasta Dinner

For a time of warm fellowship and delicious food, gather family and friends for an Italian meal. Use these ideas to encourage deeper relationships in your family.

Home-Cooked Comfort

Busy night? Toss together a healthful pizza and make time to gather the family 'round the table.

Always Up for Breakfast

The aroma of bacon in the skillet or hot cakes on the griddle rouses anticipation that spontaneously lifts spirits. Served at the beginning, middle or end of the day, breakfast promotes a positive, cheerful atmosphere around the family table.

Sea & Islands

God gave us a world filled with great ingredients. In the case of this delicious meal, tastes come from the ocean and the islands.

Soup & Sandwich Supper

Casual meals provide important connections for busy families. Low-stress preparation and a laid-back atmosphere offer easy opportunities to encourage those we love.

Spring Fare

With the world finally waking up after a long winter, what better way to call to mind our Lord the creator? Celebrate all of His blessings by gathering to enjoy seasonally inspired dishes.

Backyard Dining

Jesus often lingered over a meal with those He loved. Follow His example by gathering family for a refreshing outdoor dinner in His name.

Pasta Primavera

Lemon chicken nestled atop pasta, asparagus and bell pepper is an ideal springtime meal for families that treasure dining together.