How to Pick the Right Garden Spot

Whether your yard is large or small, sunny or slightly shady, or even if you have no yard at all, you can carve out a garden spot.

Indoor Herbs

Grow herbs indoors on your kitchen counter or anywhere with good drainage, ample light and reasonable air circulation. Snip the fresh flavor-enhancers for dishes or preserve them for later.


Unplug from the hustle and bustle and explore God's creation—a gorgeous coastline filled with lighthouses, lobster shacks and natural beauty seemingly around every corner.


The unassuming pinecone found on the woodland floor seeds a new generation of trees and any number of manmade products. But greater than function is form, as it gives testament to the very nature and existence of God, the Master Creator of the Universe.

From Acorn to Oak

“From little acorns mighty oaks do grow” is an enduring proverb that gives believers hope for their future in God’s Kingdom. We should all strive to become the uncommon acorn—the one that develops into a majestic oak with limbs reaching out to a hurting world.

A Time to Plant

From the day humans were created, we’ve been drawn to gardening. Plant a garden this year and you’ll be happier, more fit and more spiritually healthy. Plus, there are all those tomatoes.

Ivy: Designed by the Master

Ivy forms an almost inseparable union with any surface it attaches to, inspiring generations of artists to use it as a symbol for faithfulness and eternal life. This remarkable vine gives testament to the very nature and existence of God, the Master Creator of the Universe.

An Ocean of Artistry

A jewel among God’s sea creatures, the nautilus inhabits waters around coral reefs of the South Pacific and Indian oceans. Its unusual shell is spiraled and chambered, with a mother of pearl interior lining—a lovely touch by the Creator.

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