Indoor Herbs

Grow herbs indoors on your kitchen counter or anywhere with good drainage, ample light and reasonable air circulation. Snip the fresh flavor-enhancers for dishes or preserve them for later.


Plant herbs in a soil less potting mix that has a slow-release fertilizer. Grow in individual pots or cluster those that do well in similar conditions (thirsty: mint, basil, parsley; less thirsty: rosemary, sage, oregano). Water when the top inch of soil mix is dry.


Most herbs benefit from 6 to 8 hours of sunlight a day. To grow indoors, place in a southwest-facing window to receive the most light. Or grow within 6 inches of a full-spectrum fluorescent light. Plants become spindly when
they do not get enough light.


Harvest regularly to encourage foliage instead of flowers, which turn some herbs bitter. Trim no more than one-third of the foliage. For small-leaved herbs, hold the stem with one hand while raking downward with the other hand to remove leaves. Serve fresh, dry herbs upside down or puree larger leaves with a bit of olive oil and freeze for later use.

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