A Legacy of Faith

My greatest desire is to pass that legacy on to my children and their children. Many Scriptures refer to God's faithfulness from generation to generation. I believe that praying God’s Word over my family is the greatest weapon possible against the spiritual warfare faced in today’s world.

The Power of Prayer

You have the power to change your life—to talk to the God of the universe about your deepest fears, struggles and pain. Bible teacher, Anne Graham Lotz, shares how you can find the peace of God even in troubled times.

12 Best Herbs for Indoor Gardens

God's perfect design is reflected in all living things, even herbs. They are delicate yet intricate creations, pleasing to the palate and easy on the eyes. Bring God's fragrant greenery indoors so you can benefit from the flavors, aromas and distinct beauty.

Tips to Keep Your White Clothes Bright White

White clothing is fresh-looking and classic but can turn dingy or yellow without proper stain removal, washing, drying and storage. Even hanging clean in the closet, white clothes can discolor. Keep white laundry bright and long-lasting with these tips.

6 Spring Vegetable Recipes

Treat your body to a diet rich in vegetables, and you reap more than vibrant, beautiful food and delicious flavor. God's garden is the source for nutrition-packed veggies that are a key ingredient to good health. Beneficial plant nutrients from vegetables help fight or lower the risk of disease, including high blood pressure, eye and digestive problems, cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Why We Witness for Christ

Shortly before the resurrected Jesus ascended to Heaven, He gave a command called the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19). It was a message to all Christians, whether in the first century or the 21st century.

How to Pick the Right Garden Spot

Whether your yard is large or small, sunny or slightly shady, or even if you have no yard at all, you can carve out a garden spot.

5 Ways the Cross Delivers

Examining the essentials of the Resurrection reveals its tremendous impact. We can see five broad ways the truth of the Resurrection affects us.

Who is God?

When we seek to understand who God is, we are confined by our own understanding. We create “God” according to our image of Him—size, looks, behaviors, reasoning and personality. We draw upon the concepts of good and “God” from those that influence us like friends, family, movies, television, social media and education. This is why idols often take familiar shapes. And we use our feelings and personal sense of right and wrong to critique God’s actions, purpose and right to rule.

Ways to Grow During Lent

Many people are puzzled when they first hear someone say they are giving up something for Lent. It raises questions. Why? Should I? Lent can be like fresh compost to your faith, regardless of your faith roots or lack of spiritual legacy. Lent can help you grow in faith as you learn what you have gained and who you truly are. Dig into this old tradition for new ideas for growth.

40 Verses to Celebrate Easter

Celebrate the goodness of God by reading one Bible verse (NIV) for the 40 days of Lent leading up to Easter morning.

How the Resurrection Changed Everything

Learn why you should rejoice in the power of the Cross and why Jesus’ shed blood is the salvation for all humanity, if they so choose. The Resurrection is real. It was foretold, hidden in prophetic words, hundreds of years earlier. Before starting, pray for understanding, then study the Bible references included and meditate on the words. The Cross has the power to ensure your place in eternity and your relationship with God.

8 Bible Verses for Valentine's Day

The Bible contains beautiful examples of true love. Save this post to add to a greeting card or letter and reflect on the endless love of God.

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