Fun-Filled Faith

What do owls with names Violet, Twitch and Professor Owlester have to teach kids? Plenty, say a Texas family who have created a charming yet important animated series that reinforces in children the idea that God surrounds them in the beauty of nature.

Ian & Larissa

The love story of Ian and Larissa Murphy almost ended before it started. But God had a plan for this vibrant couple.

The Comeback Kids

When the plug got pulled on their TV reality show, the Benham brothers could have cowered in defeat.

A Place of Her Own

When world-famous Evangelist Billy Graham is your father and he says you are the “best preacher in the family,” that’s quite an endorsement.

Coming Home

Brian Bosworth played only three NFL seasons in the 1980s, and is still remembered as a rebel. No more. Now he's a new man in Christ.

A Chance at Life

Given the chance to film one of God's miracle workers, filmmaker Brian Ivie learns from the divine Director that each life is precious, including his own.

Hope on This Side of Eternity

It was the fall of 2013. Like many young moms, Kim Andrew was juggling her busy life as a wife and mother of two with her commitments at work and her ministry to teens. Then the 29-year-old got the diagnosis. Cancer. And the roller coaster ride began. With honesty and humor, Kim blogs from her home in Pennsylvania about her life and her faith. She and her readers laugh, cry, worry and hope together. Here are samplings of her blog.

Standing Firm in Faith

David Green, founder of Hobby Lobby stores, is worth honoring for his federal court challenge to Obamacare rules on religious freedom grounds. But more important, David is a faithful, generous and humble follower of the Lord.

Ready to Serve

For Katie Farrell, balanced healthy living began when she immersed herself in the Word of God. Today, she shares what she’s learned about healthy eating, exercise and devotion with women around the world.

The Cameron Effect

Kirk Cameron is a deeply committed Christian seeking to turn our culture back to God. Don’t be dismissive of this former TV sitcom star’s lofty goal. He’s a man following His Master’s plan.

31 Bits

Vibrant handmade beads and a desire to help displaced Ugandan women led five Christian college friends to launch a successful jewelry company.

Happy Soles

What does it take to change someone's life? For children in Uganda, change occurs one foot at a time with divinely inspired, upcycled shoes.

Rebuilding Through Faith

The trials of life sometimes seem to crash down on us like an avalanche. Emotional, financial, physical and spiritual problems take their toll.There’s only one way out, one door to go through. Cry out for the Lord. It was that way for Sandi Hixson. Her story is offered to honor all those who allow the light of God’s Word to guide their paths in difficult times.

Called to an African Village

He was once a Wall Street broker and she was once a professional photographer. Now this husband-and-wife team serves as missionaries in distant southern Africa. Rooted in the Word, they are helping to change lives in a rural village.

Redeeming Ruby Ridge

Sara Weaver’s life so far has three primary chapters. The first one covers events 20 years ago this August when her mother and brother were killed by federal officers in a shootout still remembered simply as Ruby Ridge. The second is filled with years of anger and confusion. But the chapter of recent years is a remarkable tale of grace, forgiveness and redemption. The Sara of this chapter is the one you will want to know.

A True Role Model

Nicole Weider was a 5-year-old when she started modeling. It was a lot of fun and she began to dream of becoming a famous international model. It would be years before she would awaken to the fashion industry’s dark side, years before she would find her true purpose through her relationship with the Lord.

Perfectly Pressed

As a Christian woman, artist and mother, Meg Gleason faces a daily balancing act. One moment she's using a nearly century-old letterpress to imprint her designs and the next she is feeding the kids or hoping for a moment with her husband.

A Man on a Mission

Photographer Robert Johnson travels the world snapping shots of God at work through missionaries. Along the way, God is teaching this journalist as much about his own life as those of others.

Rescued From the Streets

Over the last few years, many churches and Christian groups have helped in the fight against human trafficking and prostitution, particularly involving children. Life:Beautiful honors all who are taking up the cause, but none more than StreetlightUSA in Phoenix, where a shelter devoted to youth victims has opened.

The Art of Character

Inspired by God’s natural world and a desire to capture tender moments, a young Pennsylvania artist uses her talent to illustrate books for her parents’ publishing ministry … timeless stories that teach integrity, honesty, respect, obedience and other Christian character traits.

Amazing Grace

This is the season of resurrection, a time of life beginning anew. For a Florida couple, these are not mere words. They are a road map that led them out of the Valley of the Shadow and into his light.

Tsinia's Story

It wasn't until her first child was born that Tsinia Borgman began to ask God why her own mother had died so young.

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