Finding God in Lost Places

We Stood Upon Stars: Finding God in Lost Places tells the story of a traveler finding God in the beauty of nature.

Restful Travel

Use your next vacation as an excuse to relax and unwind. Put down your schedule, unplug your devices and immerse yourself in all the peace and beauty God’s creation offers.


Unplug from the hustle and bustle and explore God's creation—a gorgeous coastline filled with lighthouses, lobster shacks and natural beauty seemingly around every corner.

A Weekend in the Windy City

With its stately architecture, extraordinary art scene and a shoreline to rival beaches on either coast, Chicago is a photographer—and design lover’s—dream (and that’s not mentioning the serious eats).

Road Trip Cross-Country

Do something different this summer. Take a family road trip to see the contiguous states in America. While you travel, make a point to see these faith-filled and Christ-centered stops. No matter where your travels lead, one of these 25 sites is most likely nearby. Feeling extra adventurous? Hit all the points and you’ll snake through the entire country as you experience so many different attractions focused on God.

New York City

Trek around New York City with us as we search for food, sights and expressions of faith.

Our Revolutionary Past

On a cool morning in late fall, my wife, Elaine, and I huffed and puffed our way up a steep Massachusetts hill to visit the site of a cabin built in 1782 by Daniel Prince, my wife’s great-great-great-great grandfather. Daniel’s time lives on in Revolutionary-era battlefields, stone walls and other relics. See for yourself in Boston, Lexington and Concord.

Western Australia

When I decided to study abroad in Australia, I pictured the Great Barrier Reef and the Sydney Opera House on the eastern coast. Instead I found myself in a photography program on the western coast, and I ended up with an experience better than I could have ever imagined. I lived in Fremantle, a southwestern harbor city of about 25,000 residents.

The Emerald Isle

Travelers are drawn to Ireland by its rolling green landscapes, ancient culture, lively music and engaging inhabitants. Come with us and spend a wee bit o' time in County Cork

City of Light

I was 11 on my first visit to Paris. My mother had a God-daughter in France, and we went back every few years. I fell in love with the City of Light and return as often as I can. Here are some of my favorite places.

Family Getaway

Escape to a family camp this summer and return home enriched by the experience. It may very well strengthen your bonds to each other and to the Lord.

Under the Open Sky

American families are buying tents and sleeping bags and taking to the open road. Along the way, they’re developing an active healthy lifestyle and experiencing God’s wondrous creation. Whether you’re a first-time camper or it’s been a few years, we’ll get you started with advice on gear: tents and sleeping bags, cooking and safety, and those extras that take a camping trip to “wow.”

Out West

Winter days in Colorado can be so crisp and clear you'll be moved to prayer by the magnificence of the snow-covered mountains. Come along as we visit Denver and Boulder and then hit the slopes.

Wanda Ventling on a Roman Holiday

After visiting Spain, Morocco and Portugal, the final days of our two-week holiday vacation were spent in the heart of Rome. Though the days were few, the memories linger and make thoughts of returning a pleasant pastime.

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