4 Ways to Celebrate Fall

Activities to celebrate cool days and colorful vistas of fall.

Give Thanks

Psalm 7:17 KJV says, “I will praise the LORD according to His righteousness: and will sing praise to the name of the LORD most high.” Celebrate Thanksgiving by making the Lord of heaven and earth the center of the day. Gather together outside on long tables and welcome everyone. Offer praise and thanksgiving and spend time in fellowship over a good meal.

Fall Florals

Gather flowers from a field or shop and arrange them in vases, then bring the rich autumn palette into your home. To help the flowers last, cut 1 to 2 inches off each stem at an angle. Remove leaves that will be below the waterline to prevent bacterial growth. Use a clean vase and flower food (or add ¼ cup clear soda to the water). Every two days, clean the vase, change the water and food and trim the stem ends. To extend flowers to the fullest, put them in the fridge or a cool room at night.

Bake a Cake

Three kinds of chocolate make this triple-tier from-scratch cake worth the effort. Sour cream adds moisture to both the cake and frosting. While this cake is delectable, the true benefit of baking it may be that you’ll feel better. Baking for others is an expression of love and a creative outlet. Baking requires that you pay attention and be in the moment. It’s good for your mental health because it encourages brain activity through information processing, using math and measuring. Some people say baking reduces negative thoughts and discourages depression.

Slow Down

As the weather cools, the earth slows. The rapid growth of summer ceases, and plants and animals begin to rest. We can heed their examples and slow down, too. Most of us operate frenetically, moving from one task to the next and one activity to the next. If you haven’t already put a Sabbath into place, autumn is a wonderful time to make it a priority. Unplug; unwind. Imitate God (Genesis 2:2–3) and incorporate rest as a normal part of your weekly rhythm. Regularly slowing down enables us to better attend to our bodies and our souls.

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