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With a bit of preparation and forethought, your Christmas celebration can be both simple and meaningful. Small details, like the ones here, go a long way in creating a home full of peace and joy.

Put Down Roots. The authentic spirit of Christmas finds its roots in your heart. Dedicate a regular time and space in your home and day when and where you connect with God and thank Him for His outpouring of grace. 

Bring the Outdoors In. Fresh flowers, greenery, nuts, pinecones and berries are lovely and worry-free touches to holiday decor. Their rich and textured beauty are reminders of God’s ongoing creative work, even in cold and quiet seasons.

Show Your True Colors. Focus on two principal colors for your holiday decorating. Add an accent color and repeat this color scheme throughout your home. Narrowing your palette gives direction to your shopping, your decor and the cohesiveness of your space.

Let the Children Come. Children bring unparalleled wonder and joy to a Christmas celebration. Involve little ones in the fun of baking, setting the table, collecting greenery and the retelling of the story of Jesus’ birth. Nothing shines brighter than a child’s eyes at the wonder of Christmas and its traditions.

Keep it Simple. This year, create a list of the activities you know will bring you and your loved ones joy and edit out the things that can wait for another year. Whether it’s baking a special treat, caroling for the neighbors, delivering food to a family in need or spending evenings playing board games by firelight, make your list and stick to it. Your family will thank you for the gift of a simple and sweet season.

Tell the Story. God has provided an astounding portrait of His love through the story of Jesus’ birth. Christmas is a natural season for sharing the good news of God’s pursuit of humanity. Incorporating well-known verses on holiday cards, invitations and gifts may gently open a heart that has been long closed.

Remember the Reason. Sometimes the most simple of images can trigger profound truth. A bell hung with ribbon on your front door, candles that cast light into a dim room, a Nativity scene arranged by little hands—these are all small things that tell of God’s great and stubborn love.

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