50 Small Steps to Change

You don’t have to make a grand sweeping change to start impacting your life for the better. Focus on micro goals with clear and easy steps and let the results snowball. As you strive for progress rather than perfection, ask God for wisdom and guidance.

1 Add greens to your lunch menu

2 Increase your water intake

3 Start stocking a fruit bowl 

4 Drink organic green tea

5 Take a multivitamin

6 Eat more eggs

7 Focus on eating slower (mindful eating) 

8 Swap refined carbs for whole grains

9 Base meals around vegetables and proteins

10 Toss tempting foods (candy, cookies, those with empty calories) and stock healthy snacks

11 Aim for smaller portions

12 Spend time with Scripture (L:B calendars)

13 Wake up 15 minutes earlier to make time for morning prayer

14 List your blessings

15 Express gratitude

16 Set daily intentions

17 Start Bible journaling

18 Stop using swear words 

19 Meditate

20 Do all things with love

21 Ask God for guidance

22 Ask for forgiveness and forgive yourself 

23 Stretch daily

24 Schedule your annual checkup

25 Floss every day

26 Wear a pedometer

27 Create a routine for fitting in fitness

28 Take evening walks

29 Practice planks (work up to 3 minutes per day)

30 Stand once per hour

31 Try out a new fitness class or workout video

32 Declutter your home or workspace

33 Create an uplifting playlist

34 Set a reasonable bedtime

35 Wake up at the same time every day/create a morning routine

36 Spend time in nature

37 Sanitize counters and bathrooms 

38Unplug in the evening (turn off your phone/limit screen time)

39 Use SPF facial products

Social Behavior & Mental Health
40 Cut back on social media

41 Boycott gossip

42 Set coffee dates 

43 Avoid negative people and negative thoughts

44 Give up comparing yourself to others

45 Give up complaining 

46 Scale back on spending

47 Actively practice empathy

48 Toss clothing that makes you self-conscious

49 Volunteer

50 Read

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