Jesus often lingered over a meal with those He loved. Follow His example by gathering family for a refreshing outdoor dinner in His name.

With summer’s bounty filling farmers’ markets, we celebrate God’s generosity. The earth itself reminds us of Christ’s promise that He came to give us life abundantly.

Dine outdoors on languid summer days and enjoy this beautiful world. Call your family together with the enticing aroma of grilled kabobs—beef, fish or chicken and tender roasted vegetables. Also set out bowls of tempting squash-and-cheese roll-ups.

A warm grilled peanut butter cookie topped with ice cream promises a sweet ending. Keep your meal simple and showcase the season’s freshest offerings. Begin by giving thanks to the God who laid the foundations of the earth.

A summer place setting with white plates and orange and yellow linens
Closeup of orange and yellow flowers in a summer arrangement
Squash Rollups

Squash & Goat-Cheese Roll-Ups

You can almost taste the sun in this summer hors d’oeuvre. Rolled-up slices of grilled summer squash hide a burst of warm goat cheese. A few leaves of spinach and basil add Mediterranean flavor. As a quick side dish, grilled veggies are always a hit. Try grilling asparagus wrapped in bacon. Or grill slices of eggplant and tomatoes and top with fresh mozzarella. Grilled veggies can also top toasted bread. Slice a loaf of artisan bread, brush with olive oil and grill until toasty brown. Rub toast with a garlic clove and top with a medley of grilled vegetables drizzled with a flavored olive oil.

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Beef, Chicken and Mahi Mahi Kabobs

Sizzling with smoky perfection, these juicy, tender kabobs are simple to make. Infuse flavor into small chunks of beef, chicken and firm fish with your favorite marinades. Try an Asian-inspired sesame ginger dressing, a red-wine rosemary vinaigrette or a spicy barbecue sauce. The flavor combinations are endless. Thread seasonal vegetables, fruits and marinated meats onto presoaked wooden skewers and cook on a clean grill coated lightly with oil. If you prefer, place meats on one skewer and veggies and fruits on others.

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Grilled skillet cookie with ice cream

Peanut Butter Skillet Cookie

Fresh seasonal melons and grilled fruits topped with ice cream are perennial post- dinner favorites. But the best end to a summer meal is a homemade treat. If you’re looking for something a little different, try this cookie sundae, which is made by topping a grilled cookie with ice cream. Take peanut butter cookie dough or any other premade dough and press it into a cast-iron skillet. Set over medium indirect heat on a closed grill until cooked throughly. Top with ice cream, nuts, and your favorite caramel, chocolate or berry topping. Sprinkle shaved dark chocolate over it for an elegant finish.

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Dear Lord, Bless this food to our bodies and our bodies to Your service. Give us grateful hearts and make us mindful of the needs of others as we share Your Word. Amen.

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