There are moments when God is so loving and draws so near that an outpouring of joyful praise is the only possible response. You bask in, revel in, rejoice in the magnificence of the Lord. The Spirit is lifted and genuine happiness spills over.

We have a natural desire to honor our God, our provider, with the best we have. It’s a feeling that’s most powerful this time of year as we recall the birth of Jesus, reflect on the previous year with the Lord and look ahead to where He is leading. The following stories look at this season of celebration:

Christmas Eve Soup Supper

Save time spent walking the mall and use it to serve others in a direct way—by sharing your God-given creative talents and blessings with others through relaxed entertaining. Read more >

Christmas Dinner

Share the Lord and your faith heritage during a beautiful family dinner. To create the best setting, you may restore a vintage tablecloth filled with memories, design a place cards with a Christmas Story theme or find some other way to express love and the Gospel. Read more >

Cheers to a New Year

Redeem this day with celebration and praise for our Lord and Savior. Look how far the Lord has taken you in 12 months and prepare for the adventure ahead. Read more >

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