A white and red Christmas table setting

Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ with a traditional inner is an annual highlight for many Christian families. This is a time to cherish your heritage and the Lord. Set out your best: Grandma’s dishes, a favorite family recipe and an elegant lace tablecloth.

Holiday homecomings are a time of celebration, graciousness, embraces, prayer and song. Make this Christmas especially joyful by keeping Christ at the center of events. Let everyone crossing your threshold know that you have Good News for all people: “Merry Christmas! A Savior has been born!”

Brighten your home with the traditional colors of Christmas: red, green and white. Let fresh red carnations and festive candy canes put some pop into each place setting at your family-friendly table. White dishes and linens are basic essentials that make hosting events stress-free. A cheerful ambience will lift the mood of your guests and help them feel relaxed.

Pot miniature evergreens in galvanized containers and add collars of red carnations poked into wet floral foam. The place setting arrangements are mandarin-orange tins, sprayed or brushed with red paint. Fill them with wet floral foam. Push carnations and candy canes into the foam and add name tags, if you choose. Make a carnation wreath by purchasing an 18-inch square floral foam wreath. Soak the wreath then wrap it with heavy plastic wrap to prevent leaking. You may need to poke through the plastic with a skewer before arranging the fresh carnations. Cover with flowers, then hang the wreath with a decorative red ribbon.

A classic white-and-red table set for Christmas


Spiced Eggnog *

Apple-Fennel Slaw

Warm Buns*

Roasted Ginger Carrots

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy*

Maple-Pecan Glazed Ham

Caramel Bread Pudding

* purchased or family recipes

A classic white-and-red table set for Christmas

Prep Plan

2 weeks before: Paint small cans for place settings; pot trees in pails or pots. Purchase nonperishable groceries and order flowers.

2 days before: Clean house. Gather and clean all dishware and linens.

1 day before: Purchase perishable groceries and pick up flowers. Make and refrigerate Caramel Bread Pudding. Set table and make candy-cane cans and last-minute decorations.

6 to 12 hours before: Make Apple-Fennel Slaw and eggnog; refrigerate.

2 to 3 hours before: Bake ham. Roast carrots.

1 hour before: Heat eggnog, if desired.

10 minutes before: Warm buns and brush with melted butter.

Just Before Dessert: Heat bread pudding in 325°F oven for 10 to 15 minutes. Warm caramel sauce in a saucepan.

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