Profiles | The Comeback Kids

When the plug got pulled on their TV reality show, the Benham brothers could have cowered in defeat. Instead, their faith let them see it as another open door.

Profiles | A Place of Her Own

When world-famous Evangelist Billy Graham is your father and he says you are the “best preacher in the family,” that’s quite an endorsement. But, as much as Anne Graham Lotz cherishes her father, she truly seeks the approval of One who is higher.

Home | Castaways

Capture the refreshing look of seaside homes while investing more creativity than cash. Repurpose the ugly and broken found in your basement, by the curb, at secondhand stores or garage sales. Check out these inspiring ideas.

Dinnertime | Celebrate Together

Make the most of the season's freedoms by hosting a fresh-air meal for family and friends. While enjoying a warm evening together, share about the goodness of the Lord.

Food | Blue Heaven

Enhance the freshness of any savory or sweet dish by spooning on a generous helping of dark, juicy blueberries. Add them to a custard tart or let their subtle tanginess add a new dimension to glazed pork chops. Perk up your everyday eating with the pleasing taste and nutritional benefits of this perennial favorite.

Make | Hued Blues

There's something magical about the process of dyeing textiles: Place white fabric into a bath of pigment, and it emerges a different color. Once you learn to dye, the world is your canvas.

Faith | Jesus: A Life Foretold in Prophecy

The life of Jesus Christ and His return to life stand as irrefutable testimony to the truth of the Bible prophecies in the Old and New Testaments. From His birth in an Israeli backwater town to His brutal crucifixion to His ultimate victory over death in the Resurrection, every prediction was fulfilled. With all of the prophecies about His first coming divinely realized, our hope in the prophecies about Christ’s second coming stands firm.

Faith | The Master's Plan for a Digital World

Though many believers find it tricky to discern God’s will, Bud and Betty Miller have learned the secret to His leadings. Even when they feel inadequate and clueless, they are confident God will show them the way.

Profiles | Coming Home

Brian Bosworth played only three NFL seasons in the 1980s, and is still remembered as a rebel. No more. Now he's a new man in Christ.

Faith | A Chance at Life

Given the chance to film one of God's miracle workers, filmmaker Brian Ivie learns from the divine Director that each life is precious, including his own.

Faith | Hope on This Side of Eternity

It was the fall of 2013. Like many young moms, Kim Andrew was juggling her busy life as a wife and mother of two with her commitments at work and her ministry to teens. Then the 29-year-old got the diagnosis. Cancer. And the roller coaster ride began. With honesty and humor, Kim blogs from her home in Pennsylvania about her life and her faith. She and her readers laugh, cry, worry and hope together. Here are samplings of her blog.

Make | Frame by Frame

Plywood, paint and trim are all that are needed to make a big-statement chalkboard. Show off a Bible verse in your living room. Keep a group grocery list in the kitchen.

Dinnertime | Fresh Gatherings

Gather your family around the dinner table for a meal during this season of renewal to share food and conversation. Together you’ll strengthen and deepen your family relationships.

Columns | Sip Your Savings

Convenience and cravings come at a price whenever you order a quick coffee, soda or specialty drink. Pocket significant savings with beverages from home.

Columns | Dave Ramsey

Fixing a cash flow bind, making financial decisions as a couple and borrowing for a honeymoon.

Order | Spring for Clean

Overwhelmed with spring-cleaning? Don't know where to start? Turn up your favorite music, grab a bucket of cleaning supplies and follow these tidy tips.

Make | In Full Bloom

Tissue paper, a pair of scissors and a few simple folds create these delicate florals. Invite springtime into your home with one of the crafts ahead. After all, paper flowers are always in season.