Make | Cozy Knits

Snuggle up this seasons with cold weather clothing, inviting home goods and do-it-yourself kits to knit your own.

Holidays & Parties | Fall Bounty

On crisp autumn days, God’s glorious bounty overflows in our markets. Rich and robust, there’s no doubt that farm-fresh produce was created so we can enjoy luscious meals. Fill your holidays with the enticing aromas of fall spices, roast pork and baked desserts, and thank the Lord for family and fine food. Here’s inspiration for fall cooking—eight exceptional recipes that make the most of nature’s harvest.

Travel | A Weekend in the Windy City

With its stately architecture, extraordinary art scene and a shoreline to rival beaches on either coast, Chicago is a photographer—and design lover’s—dream (and that’s not mentioning the serious eats).

Health | Wake Up!

The side effects of caffeine—headaches, acid reflux and insomnia, to name a few—can be real buzzkills. Try a healthy alternative to your daily cup of joe for clean-living energy.

Order | Child's Play

With kids spending more playtime indoors during fall and winter, create a dedicated play area in a room or portion of a room. Use our mom-tested ideas to establish order, so the space stays calm and easy to maintain.

Faith | True Glory

The most important teaching on the field of play isn't about running or catching, it's about building character and faith.

Faith | Ian & Larissa

The love story of Ian and Larissa Murphy almost ended before it started. But God had a plan for this vibrant couple.

Health | Real Retreat

A calm place where you can escape the troubles of the world and regroup physically, spiritually and mentally while also doing a little selfcare is one of the most restorative rooms in the house.

Make | Crowning Accents

Reclaim intricate moldings salvaged from old homes and buildings to create a textural mirror or art frame. Look for a variety of trims at local antique or architectural salvage stores, or use new molding purchased from a home improvement store or lumberyard.

Dinnertime | Weeknight Feast

Let autumn’s beauty inspire your gift of hospitality. Gather family and friends for a luxurious seasonal feast with exceptional flavors and noteworthy ingredients. Offer God your appreciation for His abundant gifts and for those gathered around the table.

Faith | The Story of David

David, a young shepherd from the fields of Bethlehem, rose to become king of Israel. He moved from obscurity to history. God chose David not for his strength or good looks, but because he was a man after God's own heart. "He (David) will do everything I want him to do." Acts 13:22 NLT. His life was marked by incredible adventure, great triumphs and some disheartening personal failures in judgement and deeds. David's story reveals the life of a complicated man who found favor with God even though he struggled with a host of human imperfections.

Travel | Road Trip Cross-Country

Do something different this summer. Take a family road trip to see the contiguous states in America. While you travel, make a point to see these faith-filled and Christ-centered stops. No matter where your travels lead, one of these 25 sites is most likely nearby. Feeling extra adventurous? Hit all the points and you’ll snake through the entire country as you experience so many different attractions focused on God.

Profiles | The Unexpected Gift

Kelly Winner went into panic mode when she found out she was pregnant. More than 15 years earlier, she had gone through fertility treatments. When those failed, she and her husband adopted a son. Now- all these years later- there was a baby on the way. What was God thinking?