A dog lounges on a diy dog bed.

Creature Comforts

No dog should settle for an ordinary bowl and bed when she can have such fine furnishings as these. Très chic, mon chien!

Simple tools needed to build a pet bed.
DIY pet bed project

Good night

Your furry friend will rest here in luxury. Make this bed with 1×6 clear maple lumber. Using a miter saw, miter-cut four 25½×25¼-inch pieces for frame sides. Glue and join frame using finish nails. Measure the frame opening, then cut a ¾-inch piece of plywood bottom to fit snugly. It will be about 24×24 inches. Hold bottom in place with finish nails, hammered through sides. Attach purchased tapered-wood feet. Paint and let dry. Cut 4-inch-thick cushion foam to fit, about 24×24 inches. Make a slipcover for the foam using sturdy fabric. Assemble for your pup’s bedtime.

Simple tools needed to create labels for pet supplies
DIY labels for pet supplies


Organize your pooch’s collection of toys, biscuits, kibble and accoutrements by using plastic containers in various sizes and a metal bin, all neatly displayed at nose height. We made labels featuring graphics of dogs, dog food and dog toys.

Simple tools are needed to build a pet feeder.
DIY project for pet feeder

Chow Lift

Offer Fifi her kibble and drinks from this serving center. Make it with 1-inch-thick clear maple lumber. Using a miter saw, miter-cut two side pieces 5½×8¾ inches and two side pieces 5½×15¾ inches. Glue and join sides together using finish nails. Measure the frame opening and cut 1-inch maple to fit snugly as the top insert, about 7½×14½ inches. Using a jigsaw, cut holes to hold two metal pet bowls, each with a rim diameter measurement of about 6½ inches. Insert the top, using glue and finish nails to fix in place. Fill gaps, let dry and sand smooth. The last step is the most fun: Paint the serving center a happy color.

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