Map It!

This summer, use maps to personalize a few everyday objects. It’s not just a box or a tray—it’s a custom keepsake brimming with special memories. We created three projects to showcase how maps can be used to embellish plain containers, making the holder—as well as what you store inside—memorable.

Keepsake Boxes

A plain wooden box from a craft store becomes significantly more sentimental, when you give it a face-lift that showcases your travels. Store photographs, notes and souvenirs from your trip in boxes decorated with corresponding maps.

Stitched Tray

Highlight a meaningful leg of any trip by stitching it onto a map and putting it on display. Adding a map to a tray can be a beautiful yet functional way to keep a memento on hand that recalls a favorite vacation. Use it for serving drinks, holding mail or organizing a coffee table.

Decoupage Bowls

House shells, stones, sea glass or other found objects by creating memory bowls. These simple catchalls add interest to an entry table or bookshelf. Since they are made from maps, these delicate dishes will naturally trigger conversations about your travels. A coastal map has the makings of an appealing ocean-blue bowl.

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