Savvy Stripes

Thick or thin, cabana or pin, stripes are a hot trend for everything around the house. Freshen your home decor with stripe projects and accessories. We show you how.

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Stripe a vintage sideboard or dresser for stylish storage. Use it for clothing in the bedroom or for linens and serveware in the dining room. Paint on a double coat of glossy paint. Mask off stripes using painters tape and paint between strips.

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Paint stripes on canvas fabric to create a trendy rug. Use painters tape to mark stripes, and paint. After paint dries, spray rug with acrylic clear coat as a sealer.

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Form stripes using two colors of candles on a tray.

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Cover books with brown and white heavy paper. Add titles using a marker, if desired.

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These glasses are all dressed up and ready to serve. Stripe plain glasses using vinyl tape and glass etching compound. Design the glasses to match, or mix up the designs.

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Stack vintage trunks painted in two colors to make stripes. Accent pillows and throws are easy additions to any room.

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Fabric-covered walls are a luxury treatment favored by many high-end designers. You can do this at home on an accent wall. If necessary, sew fabric together to cover a wall. Use a staple gun to attach the fabric to the wall, then cover staples with narrow grosgrain ribbon or braid glued in place.

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Bold stripes swath white canvas chairs for big style. Painting the chairs yourself lets you decide the exact color of stripe for the ultimate customization. Mark the stripes with painter’s tape before brushing on the color. Paint your table a gutsy orange for big drama on a budget. This one came from the bargain room at a furniture store.

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Finding ready-made vertical cabana-striped curtains can be difficult, but premade drapes in solid colors from a discount store are an easy option. Pair a colored drape with white or cream. Cut the drapes into equal-width strips. Sew opposite colored strips together.

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