DIY Coat Rack


Reclaimed wood


2 small sawtooth picture hangers



Drill with a paddle bit


Reciprocating saw, if needed

Stud finder



Find a piece of reclaimed wood and purchase desired knobs. (This project could also be done using hooks.) Make sure the knobs come with the appropriate hardware to fasten onto the board.

If the knobs have rods that are longer than the depth of your board, trim them using a reciprocating saw. Drill holes through the board using a regular bit. Using a paddle bit, drill recesses in the back of the board centering the drilled holes as you go. Slip the rods through the holes with the decorative knobs at the front side of your board. Use provided hardware to secure knobs from the back.

Pick a location for your wall rack. Use a stud finder to locate two studs in the wall (they are usually 16 inches apart). Hammer a nail into each stud location on the wall. Measure and mark that width on the back of the wood and attach the picture hangers aligned with those spots. (Depending on your board length, you may need to use more picture hangers and nails.)

Hang the board on the nails and use a level to check if it is straight. Adjust if necessary.

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