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  • COLOR POP: A hug of pink, a smattering of blue, a freshly picked lime. Let us show you how to make up your world with color.
  • THERE & BACK AGAIN: Sometimes in life, the Lord leads us down a path we've never been. For one woman, the route went through the jungles, mountains and exotic islands of South America.
  • NATALIE'S STYLE: Natalie Wise has a sense of style bigger than her checkbook. Discover thrift-store fashion that makes modesty hip and young.
  • GOOD FRUIT: Enjoy the Fruit of the Spirit fresh from the Vine. Nourish your spiritual life.
  • CHOOSING LIFE: Each year since 1973, the nation has marked a dark anniversary: the day abortion was legalized. Meet mothers who today hold children rather than painful regrets.


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