Cover of Life:Beautiful magazine Spring 2015

In This Issue

  • MARVELOUS EGGS: Eggs are incredibly versatile. Try our recipes for whipping up eggs Benedict, baking eggs into a quiche, wrapping them in crêpes and more.
  • HOPE: ON THIS SIDE OF ETERNITY: A year and a half into a fierce battle with aggressive cancer, Kim Andrew blogs about her situation regularly with faith, honesty, grace and wit.
  • A CHANCE AT LIFE: Making a movie about a pastor saving the lives of newborn babies drew Brian Ivie to Korea, but he never expected he, too, would be saved.
  • THE GENIUS OF GINGHAM: Cool and carefree gingham is the right choice when you want to look as casual as a spring day or add interest to room decor.
  • COMING HOME: Brian Bosworth played only three NFL seasons in the 1980s, and is still remembered as a rebel. No more. Now he’s a new man in Christ.

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