Cover Life:Beautiful magazine Winter 2016-17

In This Issue

BOWLS OF COMFORT: Choose from 10 favorite steaming bowls of soup filled with succulent meats and earthy vegetables. 

STRANGERS IN A STRANGE LAND: Christians are strangers in a strange land, just passing through this life on our way to an eternal home. 

RAISING THE BAR: These luscious one-pan treats taste like they came from a trendy gourmet bakery, yet they’re surprisingly easy to make.  

RESTORING FAITH IN HUMANITY: Ordinary people of faith do extraordinary things every day to help the least among us. 

WHOLE HOUSE MAKEOVER: Breathing fresh appeal into a dark, dated house is a major project. See how it’s done in the first of a series of L:B stories. 

YOU CAN KNOW THE CHRIST OF CHRISTMAS: The greatest gift of all was Jesus, who left heaven to take the form of a mere baby. He was one of us!

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