Life:Beautiful Magazine cover Summer 2017

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MAKE THE DATE: Recapture the romance of dating-life, before the daily grind sets in. Themed “date boxes” include everything for star-gazing, a spa night and more.

JUST START: A physically fit you is also a more spiritually fit you. Certified fitness profession Alisa Keeton says it's time to change the way you perceive yourself and the world around you.

COOL DOWN: Beat the heat with frozen pops, ice cream cones and sandwiches. These sweet treats are a breeze to make. 

LIFE:BEAUTIFUL WHOLE HOUSE MAKEOVER: Smart and prayerful design turn an outdated kitchen into a graceful space for the family to gather.

FUN-FILLED FAITHMeet the talented people behind “Owlegories,” a family-project app that started as bedtime story-reading.

SUMMER TRAVEL: Take a trip a across America to see these 50 faith-based attractions that will bring you closer to Christ.


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