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DAFFODILS: Poet William Wordsworth and his sister, Dorothy, were charmed by daffodils. See them anew through glorious words and images.   

THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT: Jesus turned the world upside down with His most acclaimed sermon, found in Matthew. Here, He teaches us the standard for Christian living.

INVITATION TO DINNER: If Sunday has become just another day, reprioritize your plans and create a meal that calls them back to the table for restorative fellowship. 

SEE YOURSELF THROUGH GOD'S EYES: Who am I and why am I here? These are the proverbial questions with which we wrestle. Here are some thought-provoking answers. 

TAKING FLIGHT: Celebrating butterflies—an example of God’s creativity and love. 

LIFE:BEAUTIFUL WHOLE HOUSE MAKEOVER: Ideas for creating a home that serves your family and others with functional design and timeless grace. 


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