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  • SKETCHING OUT A DREAM: Excited about a business idea, Susan Handley felt the Lord directing her to climb aboard a China-bound jet. It was all about trust.
  • DANIEL'S DIET: Through a vegetable-only fast, the Old Testament prophet Daniel proved that his God reigned. Inspired by Daniel, many believers today have changed their diets.
  • WONDERFUL LITTLE WORLDS: Cultivate a lush escape from winter's stark scenery by planting a terrarium garden. These miniature landscapes embrace the beauty of creation, evoking memories of Eden.
  • A SWEET CREATION: After working diligently to take care of the bodies God has given us, it's time for a reward. That's why the Creator gave us cacao beans from which we make chocolate. Oh, joy.
  • IN CHRIST WE ARE WOVEN TOGETHER: As a teenager, Lakita Garth Wright promised God she would remain pure until married. She kept her word and He has kept His.
  • IN THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW: In the land where Abraham was born and the Apostles walked, a church has paid a high price for their faith in Christ.

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