Summer 2012

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  • SUNSHINE OF GOD'S LOVE: It's a high calling to share the faith with kids. You can shape their future, influence their eternity, give them Truth. How? Set up a backyard Bible club in your neighborhood.
  • LIVE IN THE LIGHT: Krista Garner was determined to have an abortion until she learned about the baby inside her. That changed everything.
  • A TRUE ROLE MODEL: When she was walking the fashion runway as a teenage, Nicole Weider sought the spotlight. Now she seeks the Lord and wants to help young women avoid her mistakes.
  • SUMMER PAIRS: Come and get it: Berry tarts, bubbly water, watermelon salsa, strawberry fizzer, iced coffee, whoopie pies and more.
  • BRINGING HOME BABY: Filling a nursery is fulfilling a dream. But it's not the furniture, toys, music boxes and such that makes it so. It's your baby.
  • REDEEMING RUBY RIDGE: There was a glorious new beginning for a woman who had been caught in the crossfire during the siege at Ruby Ridge. She lived and discovered a God of forgiveness.


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