Summer 2010

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  • BUCKETS OF CHERRIES: Take a lesson from the cherry tree. It may seem old and gnarled but God has a plan for it. He uses it to supply us with sweet fruit we love to eat.
  • THE BIRTHDAY GIRL: When the Lord closed one door in Kate Landers’ life, he opened another. Now her life seems to be all about balloons, candles, cakes and decorations. But it goes much deeper. Kate’s gift is making dreams come true.
  • THE JOURNEY OF LIFE: Drawing on her ancestors for inspiration, Elaine Cooper wrote The Road to Deer Run. The story tells of love, endurance and triumph as life takes its twists and turns during the American Revolution. Elaine also talks about how her own road has taken its twists, too.
  • ICE COLD! FROSTY TREATS: As temperatures rise, relive fond memories of hot summer days delighting in sweet, melty treats brought around by the ice-cream truck. Let us help you enjoy scrumptious homemade ice cream, juicy snow cones and icy fruit pops. Yum!


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