Spring 2012

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PREPARE THE TABLE: JESUS IS COMING: Gather believers and nonbelievers at an inspirational and meaningful dinner table to share the love of God like in the Book of Acts.

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL NAME: Lord, King, the Everlasting One, Elohim, El Shaddai and Yeshua are among His many appellations. By any name, He is God.

CALLED TO AN AFRICAN VILLAGE: A funny thing happened on the way to wealth and ease, Stephen and Aby Nelms were called to give their lives in Zambia.

SPRING SALADS: Use fresh salad ingredients including romaine lettuce, snow peas and berries to make warm-weather meals.

DELIVERANCE ON HIGHWAY 6: Rush hour traffic, a heavy rain, a moment of distraction, this is how it began. It's a common story- until the arrival of the angels.

REBUILDING THROUGH FAITH: Like many people, the emotional descent for Sandi Hixson was slow unwind of dreams. But her ascent was guided by Scripture.


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