Holiday 2012

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  • BEHIND THE SCENES: We pull back the curtain a bit so you can glimpse the making ofLife:Beautiful. We work hard and have fun, as you'll see.
  • WINTER WONDERLAND: Cold days invite a horse-drawn wagon down a snow-packed road, mugs of hot chocolate around a fire and sledding for everyone.
  • DAILY BREAD: The scent of bread and pastries warming in the oven wafts through your home, promising God's blessing in this joyous season.
  • STAR OF BETHLEHEM: Oh Holy night, the stars are brightly shining. It is the night of the dear Savior's birth. Be comforted by the greatest story ever told.
  • GATHER TOGETHER: Tell the old-old story in your decorating choices this season. Symbolize Jesus in your lights, ribbons, boughs and gifts.
  • ICING ON THE CAKE: Char Tysseling is a baker and a grandmother. With the arrival of the holidays once again, her work and her joy are combined, as she is joined in the kitchen by her grandchildren.


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