Fall 2016

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Cover of Life:Beautiful magazine Fall 2016

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HOLIDAY DISHES: Bless all who gather at your table during the holidays by practicing the ministry of hospitality. This menu offers some new twists on tradition.

BLANK CANVAS: Abstract artist Marcy Gregg found peace through Him while starting her life over with a blank canvas. 

FEED ME: One way Jesus showed us how to be Christ-like was by feeding the poor. Meet ministries where His commands are taken seriously. 

EMBRACING THE SEASON: Autumn is a gentle reminder that nothing stays the same and that seasons never last forever. 

PARABLES: Jesus often taught through parables—short stories packed with spiritual meaning. Consider a few that are meant to shape your faith.

MIND YOUR WORDS: If we want to prevent our words from leading to sin then we need to guard our mouths. Step back and speak words that uplift and encourage. 


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