Call to Fitness

The latest in fitness equipment is the smart phone. New phone apps put a personal trainer in your pocket as the world becomes your gym. Here are seven helpful apps and what they will do for you.

  1. Daily Burn — Give Daily Burn your weight and fitness goals, then follow the workout and nutrition programs it provides. It’s your personal coach. Available for iPhone and Android; free.
  2. Endomondo — Track your running, cycling and other sports with this app. Participate in fitness challenges with friends and analyze your results. Available for iPhone and Android; free.
  3. Runkeeper — This app, shown left, allows runners to track and measure success. Encouragement and friendly competition is promoted through a social media component. Available for iPhone and Android; free.
  4. MapMyRun — Tell this app where you want to run and it will map the best course for obtaining the fitness results you want. Also keeps tabs on calories burned. Available for iPhone and Android; free.
  5. Walkmeter — In addition to tracking the path of your walks, this app will also trigger phone announcements along the way. Learn your distance, time, speed and more. Available for iPhone; $2.99.
  6. Strava Cycling — Synchronize this app with a GPS device and it follows your path, analyzing the health benefits from exercise once you complete the course. Available for iPhone and Android; free.
  7. Digifit — If you have heart problems or face other health concerns, this app will monitor your condition. Several medical devices, including blood pressure cuffs and heart-rate monitors, are compatible with Digifit. Wear a device while it is plugged into your phone, and the app will track and chart various vital signs. Available for iPhone; free.
Photographed by Tobin Bennett
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