Partner to the Great Physician

As God heals broken and diseased bodies, Christian doctors often find themselves acting as His junior partners. Life:Beautiful honors those in medicine who serve under the Great Physician.

Increase Your Bible IQ

You leave church one Sunday thinking about the Bible, which your pastor said is a guide in all of life. If that’s true, you wonder: Is my dress too revealing for a Christian woman? Can the Bible help me set limits for my teenage daughter? What about my sister who is having trouble with her out-of-control son? Does the Bible say anything about her approach to raising him?

A Prayer Life

Life can be hectic, challenging, hurried and sometimes overwhelming. There’s one certain path to peace: Prayer. It’s the vital heart of your relationship with God. You need to talk to God and He wants to listen and answer. Find a quiet refuge and spend time opening your heart to God. In prayer, you will be standing at the King’s throne to praise, worship and petition. Four women writers offer insights into prayer. Why should you pray? How can you get started? How do you develop a deeper prayer life?

Church Doors

In a world where people are pampered with products designed to please the smallest wish is there a place for an uncompromised church that serves only Jesus? I wonder.

The Christmas Story

Each year our family—babies to grown ups—gather around the tree while my husband, Terry, reads the Christmas story. Add this reading to your Christmas morning and give the best gift of all.

Mary in a Martha World

Most of us are like one or the other of two sisters—Martha and Mary. Martha thought the way to fulfillment was serving a perfect Julia Child meal in a spotless house decorated by a trendy designer. Mary just wanted to make her guests feel welcome, as if they were part of the family. If Martha plays her cards right, she may gain the whole world and a reality TV show. All Mary wants to do is live well, love well and be loved by her Lord. Who are you?