Happy Soles

What does it take to change someone's life? For children in Uganda, change occurs one foot at a time with divinely inspired, upcycled shoes.

Get to Know the Ten Commandments

The Ten commandments are as relevant today as they were to Moses and the Israelites when God inscribed these enduring laws into stone.

A Forgotten Tale

Heroes of the faith are those who show courage in extreme circumstances. Such is the story of missionary Dr. Susanna Carson Rijnhart, who we honor for her pursuit of God’s calling over 100 years ago.

Letters Home

The spoken word is a powerful way to pray to our heavenly Father. There are times, though, when it soothes the soul to let our spirit pour out our deepest, most complicated or personal thoughts onto a clean sheet of paper. Writing a letter to a loving God allows you to share fears, hopes, dreams and anything else on your mind. Writing out your thoughts forces you to organize and review what you are saying in a way that is impossible when speaking.

One Shade of Purity

Many Christians today feel an evil shadow spreading across the Church. A believing friend stumbles; a pastor falls. Something is desperately wrong. If that’s how you feel, consider this: Even Christian women are mistaking grey as the new white.

A Path Worth Following

When it came time to go to the airport, I couldn’t resist walking to the overlook to see the Pacific Ocean far below. It was the last day of a brief getaway taken after a seriously long winter. I was seeking God’s direction for the next issue of Life:Beautiful. But spring hadn’t come when promised and I felt as bland as the days had been. I wanted my high energy and my joie de vivre to return. I had been hoping that inspiration would arrive during my 72 hours on the California coast.

Noah and the Ark

The story of Noah afloat with all those animals has delighted children for thousands of years. But there is a deeper, richer story for all of us about obedience to God.

Rebuilding Through Faith

The trials of life sometimes seem to crash down on us like an avalanche. Emotional, financial, physical and spiritual problems take their toll.There’s only one way out, one door to go through. Cry out for the Lord. It was that way for Sandi Hixson. Her story is offered to honor all those who allow the light of God’s Word to guide their paths in difficult times.

Deliverance on Highway 6

Theologians may debate the existence of miracles, but for Texas couple Cody and Cheri Clemmons, the Truth has spiritual and physical power to set the lost free.

Called to an African Village

He was once a Wall Street broker and she was once a professional photographer. Now this husband-and-wife team serves as missionaries in distant southern Africa. Rooted in the Word, they are helping to change lives in a rural village.

What a Beautiful Name

We can learn a lot about God by observing what He does throughout Scripture, but we can also gain great insight into His nature by studying His many names—from Alpha and Omega to the Bread of Life to Abba Father. Add another dimension to your prayer life by including these names in your praise, worship and petitions.

A Time to Plant

From the day humans were created, we’ve been drawn to gardening. Plant a garden this year and you’ll be happier, more fit and more spiritually healthy. Plus, there are all those tomatoes.

Beautiful Dreamer

Some young men are dreamers, but Joseph’s gift from God was the ability to interpret dreams. As a result, he wound up as the Pharoah’s honored right-hand man in Egypt.

Redeeming Ruby Ridge

Sara Weaver’s life so far has three primary chapters. The first one covers events 20 years ago this August when her mother and brother were killed by federal officers in a shootout still remembered simply as Ruby Ridge. The second is filled with years of anger and confusion. But the chapter of recent years is a remarkable tale of grace, forgiveness and redemption. The Sara of this chapter is the one you will want to know.

A True Role Model

Nicole Weider was a 5-year-old when she started modeling. It was a lot of fun and she began to dream of becoming a famous international model. It would be years before she would awaken to the fashion industry’s dark side, years before she would find her true purpose through her relationship with the Lord.

Live in the Light

There’s a special word for the baby inside a mother. It’s not a fetus or an embryo or an accident or merely a potential human being. A mother carries the image of God inside her. The child is a reflection of His love.

Sunshine of God's Love

Children by the millions will never hear about Jesus from their mom or dad. But many fortunate kids may first encounter Him at a summertime Bible club in a neighbor’s backyard.

Bible Games

Summer is backyard time— running, jumping, laughing time. The children in your life will play and learn joyfully with these Bible-based games.

Small Heart, Big Love

About the time you think life is settled, along comes a grandchild. It turns out to be quite amazing—a deeply wonderful blessing, really. But the arrival of this new little man means I have some reordering to do in my life.

Get to Know the Gospels

The New Testament opens with four books about Jesus. Here we introduce you to two books: Mark and John. One opens at the beginning of Jesus' earthly ministry and the other reveals Jesus' divine nature in its opening verse.

Perfectly Pressed

As a Christian woman, artist and mother, Meg Gleason faces a daily balancing act. One moment she's using a nearly century-old letterpress to imprint her designs and the next she is feeding the kids or hoping for a moment with her husband.

Get To Know the Book of Acts

After the Resurrected Jesus ascended, His followers set out to transform the world with His message. Their story is told in the Book of Acts—The Holy Spirit comes, the Church is born and the Gospel spreads.

The Big Picture

Hollywood has discovered the Bible, launching six big-budget movies inspired by the Christian faith. Go behind the scenes to find out about this hopefully positive trend. Plus, Life:Beautiful talks to the remarkable believer whose voice soars in our favorite movie song of this or any year.

Compassion International

God used the theft of Everett Swanson’s winter coat in 1952 to launch a ministry reaching 1.4 million poor, needy children today. We at Life:Beautiful believe Compassion International deserves honor for the continuing pursuit of Everett’s vision.

Billy Graham

At age 94, Billy Graham is moving off a world-wide stage, where he has been a fixture since the 1950s. Life:Beautiful is pleased to honor the man by recalling some of the highlights of his notable service to the cause of Christ.

A Ministry of Gentle Prayer

There are going to be surprises in heaven. Great evangelists, powerful church pastors and some revered Christians may find that the most magnificent crowns are set aside for humble men and women who gave their lives to prayer for others.

A Man on a Mission

Photographer Robert Johnson travels the world snapping shots of God at work through missionaries. Along the way, God is teaching this journalist as much about his own life as those of others.

The Resurrection

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the story at the heart of the Bible, at the heart of the Gospel, and at the heart of what it means to be a Christian. Read about this miraculous event in the Gospel according to Matthew. Then, in the First Letter to the Corinthians, the Apostle Paul explains how the Christian faith rises or falls with the resurrection. These readings are from a Bible translation called "The Voice," published by Thomas Nelson. It's a modern language translation that presents scripture as story.

The Art of Character

Inspired by God’s natural world and a desire to capture tender moments, a young Pennsylvania artist uses her talent to illustrate books for her parents’ publishing ministry … timeless stories that teach integrity, honesty, respect, obedience and other Christian character traits.