Organize your clothing and accessories with smart storage solutions like this cubby system.

Closet Redux

Organize your clothing and accessories with these smart storage solutions for an orderly and beautiful closet space.

Tucked: Pieces that do not hang or stack well can be stored in a cubby system, above. Bags, hats and no-hang garments tuck away for safe and open storage. Large lidded bins filled with off-season clothing or extra blankets are also easily stored in this system.

Organize your closet with smart storage solutions.

Shelved: Items that are used only occasionally, such as clutches, formal shoes and gloves, can be accessible yet never in the way on the top shelf.

Hooked: Gold teacup or “L” hooks on the inside of the closet door make day-to-day jewelry and belts easy to see. Storing them this way keeps them from getting tangled or twisted.

Stacked: Lidded boxes are a handy storage solution for tights and undergarments. For seasonal items, such as swimwear, label the box.

Hung: Order items by type on matching hangers. This helps you spot the clothing you seek and avoids making the closet appear cramped.

Shut: For a sleek, clean aesthetic, even the tidiest closet needs doors to conceal the inside from guests.

Pushed: A pull-out shoe rack keeps shoes looking orderly while keeping them in nice condition. Organize your collection by type or by color.

The Top Ten: Quick Ways to Improve the Functionality of Your Closet

Organize your clothing and accessories with smart storage solutions. Lidded boxes are great for hiding messy collections.
  1. Bright white. Paint closet interior with a washable matte white. A white background lets colors stand out.
  2. Lighten up. Sharpen your view of colors by adding task lighting to closet walls and shelves.
  3. Hang it Up. Using a single style for hangers gives a closet an organized look.
  4. Expand. If closet space is limited, add drawers or shelves.
  5. Under cover. Lidded boxes, left, are great for hiding messy collections.
  6. See-Through. Acrylic storage boxes, trays and drawers keep things contained while still on display.
  7. Basket Case. Keep a basket or container nearby to catch dirty clothing until laundry day and a trip to the dry cleaners.
  8. Purge. Go through clothing and accessories, considering what stays or goes. Keep items that you’ve worn within the last year, currently fit and are in good, wearable condition. The rest should be thrown, sold or donated to those in need.
  9. Store. As seasons end, some apparel may need to shift out of prime closet real estate. Large lidded boxes can store folded cold-weather clothes when the temperature rises, and vice-versa.
  10. Organize. For the most user-friendly closet, arrange your clothing by type (dresses, blouses, pants, etc.) and by color (dark to light or based on the color wheel). For larger wardrobes, group by occasion, such as church, work and everyday casual.
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