DIY Jewelry

Stunning stones, shells and beads are strung together with ribbon, string and golden chains to create one-of-a-kind pieces. These ready-to-wear accessories look as though they were crafted for a beautiful boutique.

Pink Ombré Necklace

Sections of white, blush and pink are strung together for a colorblocked effect. The mix of scale, materials and textures within these beads creates even more interest. The necklace is finished with a pretty pink ribbon that ties in a bow behind the neck. Dress up a T-shirt or finish off a special occasion outfit with this versatile piece. This ombré necklace takes one to two hours to make.

Bauble Bracelet

This chunky bracelet combines glamour and fun all in one. Large quartz beads alternate with medium faux-pearls and mother-of-pearl shell nuggets on a gold chain. One of the best parts about this bracelet? It can be made to the exact size needed to fit any wrist. This bauble bracelet is finished with a pretty gold fastener.

Strand Statement

This attention-grabbing necklace mixes natural stones with man-made beads in a vibrant yet refined aesthetic. This go-to piece will be the focal point of any outfit. Silver spacer bars set apart each strand. The color palette ranges from a bold green to the lightest aqua blue. Although they boast the smallest beads of the design, the turquoise strands bring the whole look together. This statement necklace takes about two hours from start to finish.

Find detailed instructions by downloading this PDF.

Written by Lauren Day | Photographed by Greg Scheidemann
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