Accent on Modern

Tone-on-tone and a bit of sheen yield a subdued and sophisticated modern paint design.

This stenciled hexagon pattern offers a creative alternative to pricey and finicky wallpaper. A high-gloss finish over satin paint provides the contrast.


Gray satin finish interior paint, Benjamin Moore
Wall Stencil template (download here)
24x36-inch transparent laminate sheet
Gray high gloss enamel paint, Benjamin Moore


Paint roller
Paint tray
Self-healing cutting mat
Craft knife
Painters’ tape
Large stencil brush
Medium paint brush


Paint wall(s) gray in a satin finish. Let dry. Apply second coat, if needed. Let dry.

Take Wall Stencil Template file to office supply store to have printed on 36-inch wide paper.

On a cutting mat, place large printed Wall Stencil Download and tape to cutting mat. Place transparent laminate sheet (also available at office printing store) over the top of the Wall Stencil sheet, making sure both sheets are square and tape securely around the edges. Using a ruler and a craft knife, carefully cut out every black section, keeping intact every white section. Discard plastic scraps and Wall Stencil paper, leaving a clear plastic stencil.

Starting in a top corner of the room, use painters’ tape to secure cutout stencil to the wall. Use a level to make sure stencil is positioned correctly. Adjust stencil and tape as needed.

With high-gloss gray enamel and a stencil brush, stencil along the edges of cuts made in the plastic stencil. Hold the plastic stencil tight against a wall and apply the stencil brush straight to the stencil, making sure not to angle brush. When the outline is fully stenciled, use a paint brush to paint within the stenciled outline, keeping the plastic stencil on the wall.
Remove plastic stencil. To fill in the shape where the plastic stencil was supported, use painters’ tape on each side of the gap in paint and stencil brush over the top. Let dry.

Align top of the plastic stencil to the end of freshly painted design to create a seamless pattern. Repeat stenciling process until the floor is reached.

Starting at the top of the wall again, align stencil to the right or left of the freshly painted design to create a seamless pattern. Repeat instructions from above until walls are stenciled to desired amount. Let dry.

Photographed by Greg Scheidemann
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