Use these templates and instructions below to create the favors seen in Dinner for God

Favor Boxes

Print one copy of template at 100 percent onto white paper. Cut out along solid lines. Using a pencil and straightedge, trace cut pattern onto navy cardstock. Use a self-healing cutting mat, cork-backed metal ruler and utility knife to cut out traced image. Score along dotted lines and fold. Use double-sided tape to adhere outer edges together. Repeat to make desired number of Favor Boxes. Fill Favor Boxes with candies and Favor Verses, see below. Use double-sided tape to enclose boxes and finish with Tissue Paper Topper, see below.

Favor Boxes

Favor verses

Print downloaded verses onto vellum. Cut out verses along guides. Roll width-wise, tie with thin pink ribbons and place into Favor Boxes, above.

Favor Verses

Tissue Paper Topper

Print template onto white paper. Cut out template along black lines. Stack four sheets of tissue paper. Fold tissue paper stack in half lengthwise. Place template on top of tissue paper and use a pencil to trace around it. Cut out tissue paper along traced line. Use a needle and thread to cross-stitch in the middle of the flower cutout. Use fingers to separate each layer to make a full-bodied flower. Use double-sided tape to adhere base of flower to closed Favor Box, above. Repeat.

Tissue Paper Topper Template

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